Specialist services

What our specialist construction teams bring to our sites is simple: the improvement of day to day operations through well-established procurement and delivery processes; the protection of assets and facilities; expertise in design, planning façade engineering and 3D technology; and the integration and management of materials, plant, operatives and all site activities. An integrated, focused and efficient service that drives value exactly where our clients need it, on site right at the heart of their construction project.

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health), secure construction, construction technical services, façades and logistics teams are made up of handpicked specialists who are dedicated to helping sites operate more efficiently and driving value.

The work done by these teams is not just a requirement, it is often a necessity. Whether it be managing the design, supply, installation and commissioning for MEP works, giving focus to security of assets, infrastructure and ensuring business continuity, or developing logistics strategies that realise value on site and improve day to day operations and safety, our experts have the skills and experience to get the job done.

Providing support to the entire construction business, our Construction Technical Services team includes specialists in the fields of design, engineering, planning, 3D technology, MEP services and innovation. Brought together with the collective aim of enhancing value, managing risk and fostering new thinking, the team is a valued part of any project, delivering quality outcomes time and again. Our façades specialists are also committed to adding value on site. Working across sectors, the team continue to support cladding managers on each project to ensure progress and process monitoring is controlled.

Each team takes a holistic, integrated and collaborative approach to projects, working together with the entire team on site from the earliest stages. Often the lynchpin of a project, and always effective enablers, our MEP, secure construction, construction technical services, façades and logistics teams work hard to enhance performance on site at every stage of construction.

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  • Gavin Seager

    Managing Director for Construct Specialist Services