Public buildings and estates

From estate rationalisation and transformation programmes to construction and fit out of new and existing offices, we have used our skills and knowledge to help the UK government achieve significant cost savings. Outside of the UK, we deliver public sector real estate projects across numerous countries.

We have worked with a large number of public sector organisations across the world in a drive for increased efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.

Whether we have managed estate rationalisation programmes for central UK or Australian governments, delivered construction and consultancy services to UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office across the globe, or designed and built facilities for the bluelight sector or civic buildings, we have offered broad capability in support of public buildings and estates.

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  • Caroline Lassen

    Global Lead for Programme, Project and Construction Management
  • Rob Lemming

    Managing Director Public Sector and Life Sciences, Construction

What we offer

From a rationalisation, consolidation or construction programme, a re-stack, re-location or fit out project, to a wider business change towards smart working, our experience is diverse.

Services include:

  • Project and programme management
  • Cost consultancy
  • Construction delivery
  • Facilities management
  • IT consultancy
  • Property and estate consultancy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Change and communication management
  • Relocation management
  • Workplace consultancy
  • Sustainability consultancy
  • Security consultancy
  • Multidisciplinary design service

why mace?

Service offer

Our offer extends from strategic property reviews and the development of outline business cases, through implementation, construction, operation and aftercare. We understand the importance of demonstrating value for money and use the latest systems, accommodation modelling, workplace planning and construction methodologies to drive down costs and reduce timescales while providing functional, safe buildings. For existing properties, our consultants offer cost management advice to ensure our clients reduce their overheads, including the cost of the space they occupy.

Creating innovative environments

Technology and the digital world have changed the way we work and the modern workplace should reflect this. We strive to deliver innovative and flexible work places that benefit the end user, which in turn creates a culture of collaboration and better ways of working. We have specialists in every aspect of a transformation programme or construction project.

Delivering sustainability and efficiencies

Sustainability is an important priority in transformation programmes and projects, none more so than in the UK public sector which is committed to driving down carbon emissions to meet government targets. Our sustainability specialists ensure that schemes are not only compliant, but add value long after construction delivery – supporting the push for reduced operating costs.

A workplace based on business need

We establish the current and future needs of the business while being mindful of what is affordable and what longer term savings can be achieved. We develop strategies that sit at the intersection between how people work, their technology and their environment, and we build new facilities that bring national workforces together.

Minimising effect, maximising impact

Whether a minor churn project, a restack or a location transition project associated with a wider business change programme, they all have the potential to cause considerable disruption. From a cultural perspective our specialists ensure that management and impacted staff are well prepared through the transition and associated move. Our approach always places considerable emphasis on business continuity and minimising day to day operational impact through understanding your business and planning around business constraints.