Stadiums and major venues

On your marks, get set, go. Nothing quite beats the thrill and excitement of a live sporting fixture, in a packed venue, with a great view and a roaring crowd. We can help make your ambition a reality.

We live in a rapidly changing world. No more so than for major sporting events, where the ever more demanding expectations of clients, athletes and spectators set a rising benchmark for the quality and safety of the venues they commission, perform in and occupy. The planning, design, procurement, delivery and operation of modern world class sporting facilities requires an integrated approach with an agility on par with international athletes to respond to market trends and standards.

The projects we have worked on defy tradition and combine expert delivery on the world stage to create highly anticipated events. More than buildings, they involve the aspirations of whole nations, and a legacy that celebrates creativity long after the crowds have dispersed.

Working with us means that you are provided with a dynamic, strategic thinking and truly integrated team that has a track record of achievement. Our degree of integration with our clients and expertise across technical, planning, contractual, financial, stakeholder management and community engagement really sets us apart.

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What we offer

Our world beating experience of delivering the largest and most technically complex sporting and leisure projects in the world makes us a trusted pair of hands for your next adventure. We have captured learning and experience from major projects and programmes around Europe to deliver the best solution, with a lasting legacy for the local community.

Why Mace


With many fans and followers along with the media closely scrutinising your every move, pressure can be intense. We are used to performing in the spotlight and working with our clients to keep fans, the press and the community up to date with progress, keeping them bought in to the vision you want to achieve.


"The greatest ever Olympic Games". Those were the words of Boris Johnson, the then Mayor of London at the closing ceremony. Mace was part of that, through our CLM joint venture, we helped to deliver £1.6bn in savings, transformed a 500 acre brownfield site, diverted 98% of waste from landfill and supported 40,000 people who experienced work on the project. And most importantly have delivered a lasting legacy. The all too often story of Olympic parks sitting unused and unloved has been averted, thanks to planning from the outset. London's Olympic Park is now a new home to West Ham Football Club, nearly 300 new homes and 100 hectares of new park.


The historical adversarial approach of the past, is exactly that - a concept from a bygone age. From the beginning, Mace approached projects and programmes differently. We have always valued creating a close and integrated relationship with our clients and supply chain. This is how we helped to deliver the London 2012 Olympic venues, the Coca-Cola London Eye, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and works to Twickenham before the 2015 Rugby World Cup.


The days when venues can sit unused and empty for half the year is no longer viable. Our pioneering work with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club created a new 60,000 seat stadium, with a pitch that can switch between football and American football modes. With special lighting and environmental management techniques used to keep the pitch in peak condition when in storage. On the Olympic Stadium we have managed the installation of retractable seating, that means the stadium can switch between hosting international athletics and premiership football.