A responsible business

Supporting communities

We are clear that it is our social responsibility to help communities in the areas that we work. 

Our diverse portfolio of work allows us to develop a great understanding of the needs of different communities. So whether we are regenerating forgotten parts of a city or building new social infrastructure, on every project and programme we aim to provide opportunities that enable local people to thrive.

We consider it our responsibility to ensure that the lasting legacies we build add value to communities, both socially and financially in the following ways:

Local employment

We offer apprenticeships and work placements on projects and programmes that aim to inspire and engage communities and offer local people future employment and skilled development opportunities.

Local procurement

A key element of our responsible procurement commitment is to ensure we positively support local businesses.

Local context

We approach community engagement in a considered and inclusive way, ensuring that any potential disturbance caused by construction is mitigated and that we generate positive opportunities for those affected.

Our community engagement activities allow our people to share knowledge, materials, resources, time and our world class expertise with community groups, promoting a culture of communication and transparency. Such dialogue is key to keeping relationships strong with local people, helping to ensure the legacy we leave is a positive one.

We are proud to be an Associate Member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme – which enables us to learn from industry peers and allows us to help shape industry best practice.

A dedicated team

We have a community engagement team who actively work in liaison with communities; identifying opportunities and organising ways in which we can serve local people.

From residents to schools to charities and businesses, the team endeavour to support anyone and everyone within close proximity to our projects and act as dedicated points of contact in relation to any Mace project work.

Giving back

To go a step further in developing communities, we actively seek opportunities to help charities, small businesses and facilities that form the foundations of any community.

From redecorating small charity centres to educating local school children about construction, we use our skills, knowledge and expertise to bring about positive opportunities through our work.

CCS Partner Logo - Mace Group
Helen Kay, Chairperson, Barbican Association Planning Sub Committee - Mace Group

“It was really impressive and nice to see that Mace was making such an effort to share things with us.”

Mace People: Ingrid Hermansen Smiling - Mace Group

“We weren't expecting the help we were given at all. It was marvellous and that was just the beginning.”