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Health, safety and wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is at the foundation of everything we do. Driven by Mace’s ‘Safety first’ value, we are clear that our people and supply chain must go home safe and well at the end of every day.

We are redefining the boundaries of ambition for our industry, continuing to build on our health, safety and wellbeing culture as we do so. This takes visible leadership, innovation and the commitment of every single one of our people, partners and clients.

Key to the day-to-day achievement of embedding our safety culture are the five elements we believe are essential in achieving ‘Safety first’. Standards. Leadership. Engagement. Behaviour. Work environment. The evolution of all five are critical to success and by working closely with our clients and supply chain partners to identify, prevent and manage occupational health risks, we continue to demonstrate our global leadership in creating and operating the healthy workplaces of the future - from our own offices and construction sites, to those of our clients.

We consistently support and encourage the wellbeing of our people too; we have developed a comprehensive understanding of our people and remain dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to support them. Taking a data-led approach we continually improve our risk management and reporting, training and activity management. Actively seeking out opportunities for improvement and building a learning culture keeps us moving forwards.

Our people. Our operation. Innovation. These core focus areas ensure our continued role as an industry leader in the field. And there’s always room to do more. By challenging mindsets, the status quo and sharing knowledge, we ensure that health, safety and wellbeing remains top of the agenda.

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  • Andy Brown

    Group Director - Health, Safety and Wellbeing