From art to antiques, books to bard, our experience in both contemporary and classic arts and culture spans three decades.

Our experience of creating arts and culture facilities is as far reaching as the visitors they attract. Whether we are working on Grade I listed buildings in Europe or delivering innovative new design in the Middle East, we strive to create inspiring places that celebrate art and culture.

Dedication, experience and vision are the crucial ingredients to deliver the world’s most challenging and iconic arts and culture projects. From the Herzog and de Meuron's adventurous Switch House at The Tate Modern to the renovation of the Bodleian Library and the Dubai Expo 2020, our work spans a range of projects, including theatres, museums, galleries and more.

On every project we bring a commitment to finding a better way of delivering exceptional quality, as demonstrated in the British Museum’s stunning Great Court glass ceiling and the pre-fabrication of the Coca Cola London Eye.

Our expertise and understanding of the unique challenges facing this sector have provided us with a solid foundation for delivering iconic institutions fit for the 21st century.

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  • Rob Lemming

    Managing Director Public Sector and Life Sciences, Construction

Why Mace?

Our approach

Considerable experience of working in the arts and culture sector has honed our consultancy, construction, fit out and facilities management approach. Helping us deliver some of the most iconic museums, galleries, public attractions and libraries in the world. So how do we approach these projects?

Consider the collections

The stakes are high in arts and culture, working in close proximity with priceless artefacts, books and people. We specialise in sympathetic construction, delivering complex projects such as the London Library with the highest regard for the integrity of the space and its collection.

Innovate around the challenges

From building the Coca Cola London Eye on barges and hoisting it into place in a 17-hour operation, to working a few metres from the River Avon on the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, we can demonstrate that every challenge can be solved.

Global experience

Having developed museums, exhibition centres and theatres across the world, our offering is one of experience and cultural understanding. Our client’s needs, wherever they reside, are met with expert precision using the latest sustainable materials and innovative design solutions.

Start with the users

We help to deliver places that inspire communities, capture imaginations and are recognisable icons on the national and international stage. The Tate Modern expansion project came from a need to accommodate greater visitor numbers, where the Mary Rose Museum was fitted out to enable the public to see the ship as never before. With the focus on end users, we shape our strategy and implementation around total experiences.

Work with the budget

Budgets and timelines are of utmost importance for our clients, with cost saving and risk mitigation being vital. We work with councils, private clients and arts bodies to ensure objectives and briefs are clear. We manage risk, change, cost and all the stakeholders in the process to optimise efficiency and return on investment.

Think bigger than the build

We help clients maximise community regeneration opportunities, thinking about sustainability, facilities management and fit outs that are sympathetic to visitor and stakeholder needs, collections and location. Our handover strategies, based on phased reopening, help to minimise the impact on revenue and visitors.