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How do we power our communities through green energy? Thanks to technological advancements, nuclear has untold potential in the fight against climate change and the march towards net zero.

As a proven energy source, which safely and reliably powers our communities and homes, nuclear is set to deliver some of the UK’s most important and ground-breaking decarbonisation projects.

The nuclear industry is enjoying a renaissance and we’re at the heart of it. Committed to using our knowledge and ideas to unlock a greener, cleaner, sustainable future through the delivery of the next generation of nuclear new build facilities.

With so many big programmes across defence, new build reactors and decommissioning happening at the same time the number of people coming into the sector hasn’t kept pace.

So with skilled labour in short supply our clients rely on us to have the right people, with the experience and skills needed to keep projects running and on track.

We’re helping to introduce Small Modular Reactors as part of an emerging energy solution and have a key role in the Continuous At Sea Deterrent programme.

Our work across Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C will deliver huge social value through employment and supply chain opportunities.

And our people bring the innovative thinking needed to tackle the hurdles facing the sector. We bring new ideas and best practice to a highly regulated and traditional thinking environment.

Challenging the norm. Bringing a different perspective. We use our experiences across all sectors to bring the most efficient and methodical methods that improve performance within this demanding industry.

And our diverse, longstanding industry experience and know-how sees us support our clients in the delivery of major projects and programmes, such as the safe and efficient decommissioning and demolition of nuclear facilities, as well as waste management.

Whether you need project or programme management, cost consultancy, commercial and procurement management services or an infrastructure delivery partner, we have the team and supply chain who can support you to achieve your goals.

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