About us

Corporate governance

Strong, transparent and accountable governance safeguards the health of Mace. It enables the company to maintain its agility, entrepreneurial spirit and provide development opportunities for our people.

The Mace Group Board is collectively responsible for the direction and oversight of the company. The Board believes that good governance involves the clarity of roles and responsibilities and the proper utilisation of distinct skills and processes.

The Board is focused on the long term strategy and how we can continue to meet our clients’ ambitions, by structuring our business across three boards – development, consultancy and construction.

The majority of the directors at Mace maintain client involvement and are renowned for their hands on approach, successful stakeholder management, delivery, and employee engagement. This allows them to better understand the complexity of our projects and consistently create value for our clients.

We remain committed to effectively managing company risk and reporting, providing exceptional health and safety standards across all our projects and clear leadership and vision to our people, in the pursuit of service excellence for our clients.