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Mace Logistics

Our logistics team knows how to get the job done. Our approach is to thoroughly analyse construction plans and assess historical data to develop logistics strategies that provide real value on site, improving day-to-day operations and safety.

Our teams help sites operate more efficiently. With major construction sites potentially having 40–50 lorry deliveries each week, logistics looks at how to integrate and manage materials, plant, operatives and site activities to make them function better.

What we offer?

Our logistics team works across three broad areas:

  • Construction logistics: working with the main contractor to set up functional facilities including offices, welfare facilities, plant and equipment as well as temporary infrastructure needed to run the site.
  • Preliminaries: we look at logistics requirements to run the site once construction is fully underway.
  • Big logistics: we coordinate and integrate the overall logistics of the project's supply chain to drive value and efficiencies.

Contact us

  • Malcolm Hannon

    Logistics Business Unit Director, Construction

“Our team has a wealth of construction and management expertise, so we can bring certainty of delivery to our clients and support their objectives to deliver some of the most complex construction projects in the world.”

Why mace?

Cost certainty for projects

Our team brings cost certainty through organisational best practice. We provide a realistic assessment of establishment costs and the delivery of a strategy that ensures added value can be brought to the contract through the efficient management of on and off site services.

Integration and collaboration

Teamwork is key to success. Our people take a holistic view of site logistics, right from the delivery of materials, movement of plant and waste, through to the provision of tower, cranes and welfare. With true integration and collaboration we act as enablers, enhance not only our own performance but that of the other project delivery teams.

Challenging the status quo

To develop the best solutions we will ask the challenging questions. It helps us to see if there is a more efficient way to do something or if there’s better way to group particular activities to make them safer, cheaper or quicker.

Making large sites work better

Our work in logistics drives value on construction sites where it's most needed. Our team understands site operations and will develop management plans that are scalable as the number of site workers changes throughout a project's lifecycle.

Working with the supply chain

We recognise the considerable opportunity there is to improve performance within project logistics. Our approach has always been to source and select suppliers who are capable of being able to deliver the innovation necessary for future logistics improvements, who have the right approach and are committed to learn and improve. We use innovative technology to deliver the systems required efficiently, giving reliability of service and supply as well as value for money.

Bringing projects to life

Much of our work is in tight city centre locations so we use visualisation techniques to replicate site conditions, test different scenarios and develop the best plans suited to the project.