Construction management

It has been called the ‘heart and soul’ of the company, where Mace began and built its reputation.

Mace has delivered over 500 construction management projects. Today, construction management accounts for nearly 70% of the overall capital cost of our projects. Mace is as much based on the principle of construction management and finding a better way of delivering for clients, today as it was when the company was founded.

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  • Gareth Lewis

    CEO for Construction

why mace?

Our expertise

As a company that prides itself on shaping construction management in the UK, we have seen the service go from being almost exclusively associated with commercial projects in London, to its current position across all sectors and regions. This is testament to the speed, agility and flexibility of construction management - benefits that have been realised on some of the most iconic developments of the last 32 years.

One size does not fit all

Large construction projects can be extremely complex with many disparate parts. We are proud to have worked on some of the most complex projects in the industry, from the biggest railway stations to the tallest of towers. We believe we are at our strongest when being asked to manage multifaceted programmes with multiple stakeholders - in fact the more complex the better. In this industry one size does not and never has fit all, and flexibility is key to the whole process. This means we write briefs that stay ‘alive’ throughout the project and allow us to be as responsive to change as necessary. To us, the very heart of construction management is that it is a risk-sharing form of contract, offering maximum flexibility for change to the client with minimum risks - an obvious benefit in an ever changing market and industry.


Quality is a priority across the board. It is considered at every step. Direct access to specialists allows for more fresh thinking, innovation and value engineering. The ultimate flexibility and ability to spend more time in the design and procurement phases also means that there is more control over the end product.

A partnership of equals

Construction management allows us to enter into true partnerships with our clients and the rest of the professional team, acting in their interest and managing every element of the project through design, procurement and selection and beyond to delivery. This allows for the best of both worlds, enabling us to manage design and procurement through to driving towards successful delivery.

Working as an integrated team

The strength of construction management lies in one word: opportunity. It gives us the opportunity to overlap or integrate packages and, in doing so, creating greater programme efficiency. In addition to this, the opportunity to accelerate work packages helps to safeguard that all important programme end date, while better interface management and scoping means fewer ‘surprises’ that can cause delays.

An integrated team is a benefit to a project’s bottom line, not just because of the fully integrated design and construction process, but also because it reduces organisation costs. The project team can maintain control of risk rather than pay a premium, and the collaborative approach means that there is a reduced potential for claims.

Management is key

Whether it be managing the supply chain, cost, change, building information modeling (BIM) or package; effective leadership and management are key. Starting with creating clear roles and responsibilities through project reporting, design, construction and package management, to compliance and health and safety, our role is clear: to build, mobilise and above all, manage these elements into a clear, concise whole while emphasising transparency, collaboration and mutual benefit.