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Financial performance

2020 was a challenging, yet successful year for Mace; the company’s 30th consecutive year of making a profit.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Mace’s operations across the year, however Mace ended 2020 with a robust financial performance, resulting in a £172m shift in its net cash position, from a £147m net debt position in 2019 to £25m net cash position in 2020.

Profit before taxation was £19.7m which resulted in a margin of 1.15%, and over the year the Group achieved an overall turnover of £1.7bn, representing a 3% drop in revenue from 2019, as well as a 9% turnover growth for Mace’s consultancy business; from £314m to £342m.

Alongside the 2020 Annual Report, Mace has published its first ESG report, highlighting how the business will evolve to deliver greater value to the environment and societies, and strengthen its governance approach.


Mace 2020 Annual Report

Check out our latest results from our 2020 Annual Report

Annual Report 2020
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