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2021 represented Mace’s 31st consecutive year of profitability, resulting in profit before taxation of £38.3m, (£16.7m in 2020). Over the year, the Group achieved an overall turnover of £1.9bn in 2021, up from £1.7bn in 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, Mace launched a new strategy which set out to redefine the business as purpose-led, underpinned by three priorities and new targets for 2026. Across the first year of the strategy the business made a number of significant strides towards its targets – reducing carbon emissions by 11.6%, contributing £536.5m of value to society and investing 2.5% (£48m) of revenue in research and development.

Mace’s Consult business achieved record growth, reaching £366m (an 7.1% increase on 2020) and raising headcount to 3,866. Despite project timescales being impacted by COVID-19, Mace’s Construct business also saw significant growth with revenue recorded at £1.5bn (up from £1.2bn in 2020) and ac-counting for 76% of the Group’s total turnover.

For the second year in a row, Mace has also published its ESG Report, detailing the business’s performance against our Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. The business has announced it was net neutral carbon for the second year in a row, reducing overall emissions by 11.6% and offsetting more than 12,000 tonnes of carbon with gold-standard offset schemes around the world. 

Mace 2021 Annual Report

Check out our latest results from our 2021 Annual Report

Annual Report 2021
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