Strategic advisory services

An entrepreneurial approach, a spirit of adventure, a track record of delivery and a relentless pursuit of a better way. At Mace we take a different approach to strategic advisory; we think bigger than the build.

Shaping cities and helping our clients build sustainable communities across the globe is in our DNA. From socio-economic assessment, placemaking, stakeholder integration and strategic planning, to procurement, risk management, community engagement and assurance, our advice looks beyond the build.

With a track record of delivering complex capital investment schemes – from portfolios to programmes to projects – we advise our clients from the earliest stage, providing insight, identifying risks and opportunities, and helping to overcome the biggest programme challenges.

We look closely at the needs of places and communities, and draw on the expertise of the exceptional people in our development, construction, consultancy and facilities management teams to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.   

Furthermore, we tailor our approach to provide value for money, offering discrete services as well as fully integrated solutions, depending on the needs of a place and its people.

Our breadth of experience and full lifecycle delivery capability is at the heart of our business. Whether you are putting together the business case, wanting to know how to create a lasting legacy, upgrading existing real estate or preparing to deliver a major new programme, we have the people who can help.

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    Davendra Dabasia

    COO for Consultancy

What are the benefits?

  • Identifying and managing uncertainty early on 
  • Improved confidence in making informed investment decisions
  • Clarity in interfaces and challenges of delivery
  • Appreciating the impact, benefits and value that developments bring to social, economic and environmental concerns on a micro and macro scale
  • Confidence that you have the right governance, organisation and controls to steer any project to success.

Why Mace?

Refreshing the approach to strategic advice

Our aim for providing advice to clients is simple: make it pragmatic, relevant and founded on direct experience of having delivered in the pressured environments that our clients may find themselves. Working to standard models of management consultancy and programme management are necessary, but our vision is to ensure abstract concepts are translated into real solutions for clients.  We have a strong track record of delivering some of the most challenging projects and programmes worldwide. We reverse-engineer our prior successful experiences to advise clients how they can leverage practical innovation at the implementation level, rather than at a theoretical level.

Attracting the very best

We have successfully implemented programme and project management across a diverse range of sectors, in the UK and internationally. We strive to meet our clients’ values and aspirations, from increasing employment opportunities and skills provision to improved health and safety, sustainability and legacy transformation.

Our portfolio boasts some of most iconic buildings and influential projects in the world.  Through this we are not only able to attract the brightest minds to our consultancy business, we are able to develop them into seasoned professionals with hands-on experience of delivering on this scale.

Tailored products like no other

The diversity of programmes and projects delivered by Mace, means that we are not solely reliant on a single mode or model of delivery. Bringing a better perspective is at the heart of what we do, and defines the way in which we work with our clients, and how we work with them to establish, evaluate and enhance their business. From the outset of forming a relationship with our clients we devoting the necessary time to understand their perspective, ensuring at all stages that we are both clear on the challenges, outcomes and the capabilities from our business that will help us both achieve a successful conclusion. Working within your organisation, our experience means that we can talk the language of your teams, building trust, and ensuring that your team feel part of the solution we co-create.