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Delivering for everyone, everywhere. The work of government never stands still: changing requirements necessitates adaptation and evolution. And so too, their estates.

The public sector faces many challenges when delivering projects and programmes for the communities they serve. From building homes to modernising leisure facilities there are tight timescales. Pressed budgets. Constantly changing political priorities.

Add in sustainability targets, devolution, ageing under-utilised estates, plus efforts to rebuild communities post-pandemic and government needs a trusted partner, with local knowledge, that delivers.

Across consultancy and construction, Mace has been supporting government departments, both in the UK and overseas, for over 25 years. From rationalising estates and embedding sustainability, to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of projects across the built environment. Creating places that matter.

From strategic advice on green funding opportunities to pioneering public-private partnerships to build more low carbon homes, we look at the bigger picture and challenge the status quo to forge stronger, more inclusive, and resilient communities.  

We are passionate about delivering leading edge ‘state-of-the-art’ environments that make positive statements and push boundaries. Whether that be the construction of complex acute and primary care facilities, new schools, prisons, or nuclear reactors we have a proven track record of delivery.

It’s our mission to support the development and growth of communities worldwide and in 2020 we became a government-to-government (G2G) delivery partner in Peru, helping the country respond to the devastating impact of El Nino.

We’re supporting the delivery and reconstruction of vital infrastructure such as schools, health centres and flood defences to create long-lasting social economic benefits for people across Peru.

For local government across the UK we’re delivering arts, culture, heritage, sports and leisure projects that transform, regenerate and leave a positive legacy. 

Through our regional hubs we apply powerful know-how seamlessly with our local, hands-on presence. So, we’re able to ensure that our projects have leading-edge thinking and passion behind them as well as regional relevance and knowledge.

Our involvement with frameworks means we can achieve maximum value: faster procurement, improved performance, and greater cost efficiency for our clients.

Collaboration is always at the heart of our approach. We work in partnership with our supply chain and forge long-standing client relationships built on our proven outcomes-focussed delivery.

And social value isn’t just important to government – it’s vital to our success as well. Whether it’s through employing local people, engaging local supply chains, or optimising estates to maximise the benefits for communities, we are committed to making a positive difference. 

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