About us


The built environment is evolving. Technological change is shifting the landscape – constantly redefining the way in which cities are planned and buildings are built, reimagining how we, as a society, interact with property and infrastructure. 

We’re an industry that is full of possibilities - for forward-thinkers, innovators and problem solvers, all invested in revolutionising the way we work. Mace sits right at forefront of that revolution, as we trial new technologies, invest in new processes and adopt radical approaches to overcome challenges of the past and present.

Innovation is embedded in our culture – both in the way we work and in how we think, communicate and engage with our clients. As an industry our challenges are big and our ambitions are bold. Reducing our carbon footprint, improving global site safety and developing efficiencies? That’s going to need investment in innovation at a speed and scale not seen before.

At Mace we are investing in the latest technical solutions. We are investing in the skills of our people. And we are investing time for learning, reflection, knowledge sharing and exploration, so that our business and our industry moves forward at pace.

We’re committed to bold and transformational change, focused on the three primary areas in which we seek to deliver distinctive value: net zero carbon, construction to production and digital and data. Innovation is our ally on each of these fronts.

With the right investment, governance, people and knowledge, our delivery can be faster, safer, more sustainable and more productive. The right people, with the right skills, dedicated to going further than we’ve ever gone before.

Our innovation strategy commits to annual research and development investment that has allowed us to build our capability and reputation as one of the sector’s leading innovators over the past five years. We’re fortunate to work with some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry, and our ability to learn and harness new skills is fundamental to our success. By investing c.£325m in research and development projects, we’ve achieved a number of significant milestones - the completion of the ‘Jump Factory’ project in 2018, the launch of our Mace Tech business in 2019, and our ‘Steps Without Footprints’ Net Zero Carbon commitment in 2020. And there’s still so much more to come.

Advancing technology, innovative methods, emerging transformation. Digital, automated, data-led. The future of the construction industry looks very different.