Roads allow economies to grow and businesses to create new jobs, they connect communities and open up new opportunities. It's no wonder that many countries are looking to build more and better roads, quicker than has been done before.

As car ownership continues to rise and cities and towns grow, the pressure being placed on ageing or unsuitable road infrastructure is growing. This means that in many countries infrastructure spend has increased while the demands to speed up delivery of major projects has continued.

We have used our collaborative and innovative approach to deliver some of Europe's largest road schemes, to meet increasing customer and government demands while minimising disruption to commuters. It's also important that the complex web of stakeholders and different interests are carefully managed to find the best solution possible.

Our work for Highways England has provided leadership and management across over £9bn of the UK's largest and most important road infrastructure projects. We understand the importance of creating the right behaviours and integrating the Mace team within our clients to create a culture of innovation and openness, while delivering projects on time and in budget.

What we offer

However large or small, complex or simple, we appreciated the challenges involved when delivering road schemes. We can help realise your ambitions at whatever stage of the project. Our experience can create your funding strategy, business case, procurement or programme management to ensure certainty of cost and timeline.

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  • Sean Gray

    UK & Europe Director of Transportation – Rail, Highways & Ports

Why mace?

Driving ourselves to innovate

Our culture of continuous improvement and innovation has delivered tangible firsts for our clients. We delivered the Development Consent Order (DCO) for the UK's largest capital road project and the A14 Improvement Scheme in half the time normally taken. We are pioneering the delivery of DCOs for schemes of this size in the UK.

Stakeholder experience is paramount

Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to be heard. Balancing competing perspectives and priorities can be challenging but with our help we can build consensus to create a better scheme and make the planning process less risky.

Getting the approvals you need

Navigating the necessary approvals for a project, to move from concept to on the ground delivery, can be daunting. Our team of experts have helped clients to create business cases, funding models, socio-economic modelling and managed the process of consents to make complex schemes a reality. As a vote of confidence in our approach Highways England asked Mace to create a DCO Centre of Excellence to transfer our knowledge and experience to their employees.

A lasting legacy

We appreciate that the benefits of a new road can be felt far wider than simply a new piece of asphalt. The provision for non-motorised users can help elevate congestion and connect local communities - by engaging with local suppliers and education providers we can create sustainable careers and skills for the future.