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Mace Tech

Whether we are delivering record-breaking skyscrapers, transformative regeneration schemes or large infrastructure programmes, our mission is to continuously pursue a better way and challenge the status quo.

At Mace, innovation sits at the core of everything we do and throughout our journey we continuously challenge traditional thinking to drive better outcomes. Mace Tech spearheads our construction to production approach, maximising offsite delivery methods and harnessing advanced digital technologies to position Mace at the forefront of the industry and create better buildings. 

The entrepreneurial spirit of our people led to ground-breaking work in prefabrication methods, accelerating us towards delivering 85% of manufacturing off-site by 2020. And through digital transformation initiatives we increased productivity on our projects by up to 35%.

The Mace Tech team will continue to find better ways to deliver for our clients, communities and the construction industry.

Mace Tech: High Rise Solutions



With Mace Tech we are integrating digital solutions, applying cutting edge technologies that enable us to accelerate efficiency across our construction projects delivering service excellence for our clients.

Using digital modelling tools and artificial intelligence we can create buildings on a digital platform drawing from a catalogue of components. Each building component is scanned and tracked throughout the entire construction journey streaming delivery.  


Our first project delivered through Mace Tech will be 'N06' at East Village in Stratford, a build-to-rent scheme on the former Olympic village site delivering over 500 new homes. 

Completing one floor per week we are speeding up construction by 25% outperforming traditional building methods. A first for the UK, the façade and structure are constructed in sequence with utilities and bathroom pods; this means apart from the interior fit out each level is completed floor by floor.   


Taking inspiration from the auto industry we moved our production line off-site to manufacture building components to a consistent factory standard quality. Through our optimised production line, we are able to perfectly time site delivery minimising the impact on local communities.

By delivering engineered design solutions the construction programme is shortened by 18 weeks with 20% less workers onsite compared with a traditional building approach. 


Mace Tech offers a more sustainable construction solution when compared with traditional methods, utilising less carbon-intensive materials achieves a significant reduction in waste, energy and water usage throughout construction. 

Our ‘just-in-time’ logistics strategy allows us to perfectly time deliveries, reducing transport to site by 40%, significantly reducing carbon emissions from heavy goods vehicles.