As an industry with perhaps the strongest reliance on customer satisfaction, the hotels sector is constantly searching for new ways to define style and luxury, helping to create vibrant urban destinations.

From modular design budget hotels to sensitive refurbishments of opulent 19th century palaces, five star billion-pound resort developments to recognisable city chains, our experience of the hotels sector is as varied as it is challenging. In such an ever changing and resilient market, our hotel clients must constantly raise their game in a bid to attract visitors, making the application of cutting edge technologies and innovation a key issue in the construction and refurbishment of hotels.

With over 2,000 keys handed over to London hotels alone and over 20,000 across the globe, our experience in this sector is undeniable. Our strength lies in being able to draw on this experience to ensure certainty of delivery to clients, while still treating every project as if it was as unique as our very first.

What we offer

Whether you are a private investor or hotel chain, we understand the complexities and challenges of delivering high-value hotel developments that ensure the best guest or visitor experience. This knowledge of the business-critical success factors that drive hotel projects allows us to add value for our clients by increasing speed to market, building in sustainability and working within financial constraints, while always upholding a high-quality guest or visitor experience.

From luxury resorts to budget city hotels, our integrated service takes projects from inception to construction through to operation; creating places which engage with cities, communities and people.

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  • Ged Simmonds

    Managing Director Private Sector, Construction
  • Emma O'Driscoll

    Sector Lead – Hospitality, Consultancy

why mace?

Creating lifestyle destinations

The hotels sector is one that inspires real passion in its people. Whether it be the Shangri-La in Paris or the Four Seasons in Casablanca, in our experience no two hotel projects are the same, and each capture the imagination of everyone involved. Our rare blend of strategy and delivery means that time and again we have had the ability to help our clients in first determining their needs, and then delivering on time, on budget and in a way that resonates with their local culture, their guests and their brand.

Customer experience is key

In the hotel sector we know that the quality of the customer experience can make or break any brand, and even the smallest detail can make a difference to a guest. Our solution is to deliver projects that offer exceptional quality and services that keep visitors returning time and again, while introducing new technologies that provide the guest with a more interactive, customised experience. With a constant eye on daily operations, we provide a range of services from programme and project management and construction delivery, to cost consultancy and facilities management. We have the capability to advise on a range of issues including the best contractual route, supply chain and design process.

Restored, revived, reloved

Breathing new life into much loved, iconic buildings has become a popular aspect of the hotel industry in recent years. Our experience of complex urban hotel renovation projects includes such iconic buildings as the historic Café Royal Hotel in London and the five star Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Each of these restoration projects are truly unique, as are the hotels they give rise to, reflecting local characteristics to create destinations designed to enhance the experience of everyone who walks through the door.

Driving best practice across continents

Having developed hotels across our hubs, we have the international reach and knowledge of local markets required in such a global facing sector. We provide the strategic blueprint and detailed framework to deal with the complexities of design management across continents – and drive best practice through procurement, planning, logistics and cost control. Each project is able to draw on our live global hospitality database, further facilitating the delivery process.

To delivery and beyond

On every hotel project our hospitality expertise enables clients and operators to make informed and timely decisions, particularly in terms of how the building operates once construction is complete. We help clients make the transition into their new space and ensure compliance with the relevant standards and guideline documents so that they can face opening day with confidence.

The social impact

We understand the importance of minimising the environmental and social impact of operations for our clients. With guests expecting facilities to be sustainable, we engage and advise hotel operators from concept through to facilities management to provide, not just responsible business practices, but also financial rewards without compromising the customer experience.