Technology and data centres

Over the last few years there has been an exponential rise in the amount of data created across the world. Each and every day we create a whopping extra 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

It is undisputed that since the turn of the millennium we have undergone a revolution in data hungry technology. At the same time we have also seen increasing importance of resilience, safety, sustainability and security.

Mace understands the importance of delivering the highest quality data centres within stringent security requirements, while balancing engagement with the local community. With specialist teams, comprising some of the most respected international experts, we provide integrated, tailored services throughout the whole property lifecycle. From project and programme management and cost consultancy through to construction management and delivery, this approach – encompassing strategy, technical acumen and certainty of delivery – has made Mace a trusted partner to many of the world's most recognisable names.

Working closely with our clients and supply chain, we have been able set new standards for the delivery of challenging data centre projects.

What we offer? 

Whether you are a private company, wholesaler or a fast growing cloud based platform, we can provide you with a complete solution from design, cost consultancy and project management to construction delivery and commissioning. Data center Data centers

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  • Alister Grey

    Managing Director for Technology and Manufacturing, Construction

why mace?

Doing more for less

Whether it's less time, less cost or less power. We have created a pioneering approach that has delighted our clients. Our expertise have meant the delivery of complex data projects quicker than has ever been done before, while maintaining the highest quality, finding efficiencies and consistently achieving a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2.

Evolved approach

From every project we deliver, we take a step back, reflect, and innovate. In our time working for one of the best known social media companies, we have shaved six months off the timeline normally taken to deliver a large data centre, while maintaining quality, safety, security and community engagement.

A wide embrace

The key to delivering challenging projects is working as one with the client and supply chain, which allows us to take a lean approach to project management and delivery. This has allowed us to lead the industry, particularly in safety. Our work on Santander's twin data centre, Project Fox, achieved a near perfect score from the British Safety Council winning a prestigious Sword of Honour.

Apocalypse proof (nearly)

In a world of emerging and changing threats, we know that the security of your and clients data is paramount. With our clients we have created some of the most resilient data centres in existence, able to withstand any imaginable disaster. With secondary power supplies, external and internal security, underground floors, redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure, Tier 4 data centres provides a 99.995% resilience.