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Collaboration. Trust. Results. The underpinning principles of Mace's delivery partner approach. 

Fast becoming the model of choice for major projects and programmes around the world, the delivery partner approach provides an end-to-end service offering across a broad scope of services in a truly integrated way. It provides an environment for the client, consultant and contractors to build trust, foster collaboration and work hand-in-hand towards a shared mission. 

Our delivery partner model blends our multi-disciplinary consultancy expertise with our rich contracting heritage, drawing on a broad range of programme management capabilities during pre-construction and construction management skills during delivery. Providing this end-to-end service in partnership with a client provides consistency, value for money, transparency and a single point of responsibility. This boosts the client's bandwidth and enables a sharper focus on achieving the right results.

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    Davendra Dabasia

    COO for Consultancy

Why Mace


Originating from the first ever implementation of the delivery partner approach – the London 2012 Olympic venues – Mace has been developing its world-leading model for over 15 years. Drawing on examples from around the globe, including the UK, North America, and the Middle East, we know what it takes to get it right.

Getting it right must start at the very beginning. The Programme Management Office (PMO) is an integral part of our delivery partner approach and something we implement at the start to put robust controls and governance strategies in place so that our clients have the clarity, transparency and data needed to make the right decisions.  


High-performing integrated delivery teams pull in one direction, guided by a shared vision, mission values and behaviours, to deliver alongside and for a client. Creating a ‘one team’ environment doesn’t cast aside parent company cultures, it finds common and complementary threads to create a fair environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Building on our global experience and the expertise of organisation development specialists, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of bringing complex teams together, aligned behind a common culture.


We are uniquely positioned to offer the delivery partner role because of our unrivalled end-to-end capability across both consultancy and construction services. We enhance our core project, programme and construction management offering with skilled experts working across a range of disciplines, such as sustainability, stakeholder communications, and procurement. Our delivery partner model knits these disciplines together, ensuring everyone works towards common best-for-project outcomes. 


Central to our delivery partner approach is smart procurement. The chosen route in any given scenario is based on an assessment of a range of critical factors unique to the situation. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, with contracts split in a way that best suits the project or programme. Once procurement is finalised, the delivery partner manages the contracts between the client and suppliers, dealing with design, co-ordination, interface and technical issues, as well as providing a reporting function that advises on progress, cost and change. At every step, the delivery partner works hand-in-hand with the contractors to align goals and support the client’s ambitions.