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A responsible business

We are proud to be a responsible business 

Our vision is to be the industry leader in shaping cities and building sustainable communities.

We recognise that our activities must not only benefit our clients, stakeholders and employees, but also benefit those people whom our projects impact, now and in the future.

We are not only driven by a commitment to creating lasting legacies that benefit communities, we are clear that the wider pressures of growing populations, urbanisation and diminishing resources present opportunities for disruptive change that will benefit our planet and future generations.

So whether we are delivering pro-bono work, recruiting apprentices, procuring responsibly resourced materials or reducing greenhouse gasses, we are committed to doing more.

Together, we are committed to keeping Mace at the forefront of sustainable measures, delivering leading best practices and progressing industry-wide adoption of sustainability.

Diversity and inclusion 

At Mace we empower our people to be collaborative, curious and embrace their entrepreneurial spirits. We aim to attract the best and brightest people, whatever their background, to bring new perspectives to some of the most challenging and inspiring projects around the world. 

Mace is absolutely committed to equal pay and to providing fulfilling and enriching careers for our people – regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other protected characteristic. 


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  • Isabel McAllister

    Director of Responsible Business

our focus

Wellbeing and opportunity

From providing opportunities for young people to join our industry, to working with communities to create greater social value, we are committed to leaving a lasting legacy through our work.

Resource efficiency

Construction consumes 40% of global resources and has a long way to go before it can be considered an efficient industry. We are one of many influencers in this space and are committed to doing more, both where we have direct control and where we act in an advisory capacity.

Quality of environment

Construction is still considered by some to be a dirty industry, not recognised for being at the front end of clean technology or pollution control. It is our ambition to change the status quo, and reposition the industry as one that develops solutions, rather than creates problems.