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A responsible business

The ambitions we chase today will build the world we live in tomorrow.

Sustainable. Inclusive. Connected. This is the world we all want. Making it happen? That’s going to take leadership, creativity – and the full force of our collective ambitions.

We’re living in a world that’s developing fast. The societal need for property and infrastructure is ever-growing and the urgent need for sustainable development is ever more pressing.

The built environment holds many of the keys to a better future. In an industry that’s too often been part of the problems, we’re determined to be part of the solutions. No going back. No holding back.

So whether we’re delivering pro-bono work, recruiting apprentices, procuring responsibly resourced materials or reducing carbon emissions to zero, we’re driven by the opportunity to positively impact lives - to pursue a sustainable world.

While our industry has taken steps to protect the planet by becoming more sustainable, what we have collectively achieved isn’t enough. We need to transform the way we build, refurbish, operate and repurpose the built environment.

Bold commitments and far-reaching targets will set the benchmark for our industry. Where more needs to be done, we’ll take the lead. Where others need support, we’ll share what we’ve learned and work with them.

We’re here at a significant and exciting chapter in history. As our business keeps growing in scale and influence, we’re harnessing our unique capabilities to be a force for positive change.

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  • James Low

    Global Head of Responsible Business

Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022

Read our latest ESG Report.

ESG Report 2022

Responsible Business Strategy

This document was produced for Mace people, to inspire them to be part of the change and help transform our industry along the way.

Responsible Business Strategy
The Climate Pledge Logo - Mace Group

Mace joins The Climate Pledge

“In April 2021, Mace signed up to The Climate Pledge and, in turn, joined Race to Zero, taking another major step in our journey to pursue a sustainable world - cementing our commitment to transform our business practices and encouraging bolder action across the industry.”