Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our long history of collaboration and innovation means we fit naturally into the new ways of working that come with BIM. In an industry where technology and building is fusing together, we can help you unlock knowledge, share information, collaborate and add real value to your project - whether that's saving time, cost, or adding quality.

This process and digital technology allows us to build your projects once digitally, and then again flawlessly in real life. It really works and so we invite all our partners, clients and subcontractors to join us on the BIM journey right from the start.

Our experience means we know that adopting BIM at the earliest stages of a project brings the greatest benefits to our clients. Even at a project's concept stage - it’s never too early to start. We understand the changing landscape of BIM, and have the capability to ensure it adds value to your project. It allows specialisms to work together and share valuable data.

What we offer

We can help you implement BIM on your project from the get-go to increase efficiencies. Whether you are a public or private client, our experienced team can identify project improvements well before a single brick is laid.

Our use of BIM on retail, education and arts and culture projects has also allowed clients to make changes to their own supply chains and procurement processes, benefitting overall programmes.

From projects like London Bridge Place where BIM helped to improve coordination and boost buildability confidence, to Birmingham New Street where we provided 3D and 4D imagery to demonstrate the construction sequence and identify risks early, we can identify the right approach for your project. The model of the station was also used from an early stage in the project to communicate information around access, storage, welfare and working areas.

Our experience means we know that adopting BIM at the earliest stages of a project brings the greatest benefits. From 3D to 6D offerings, we have the capability to add value to your project.

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  • Zoe Madams

    Global PMO and Planning Director, Consultancy

Why Mace?

Our bespoke ALi 360 offering

Our unique ALi 360 BIM method - an asset lifecycle integration - and the industry's first truly integrated BIM offering, allows us to provide a whole host of efficiencies for your project which makes technical coordination easier to understand, and lets us work with others as one. Our offering allows us to visualise and simulate the entire asset life cycle, generate rapid prototypes and identify efficiencies. This was demonstrated on our 240 Blackfriars project where 3D models helped to add more floors and create space for more rooms.

A wealth of experience

We have a wealth of experience using BIM on our projects such as London Bridge Place, the Metropolitan Police facility in Hendon, Project Horizon, W4, W5 and Birmingham New Street to name a few. We’ve been developing our BIM strategy for more than a decade, and are actively involved in its development and promotion as best practice. Our collective experience of this technology spans the entire business and includes working relationships with modelling specialists.

Working as one

Our team strives to work cross collaboratively and act as one core team, bringing specialisms together on a project. Information can be integrated into design proposals – streamlining the flow of communication and encouraging transparency to help share information with different stakeholders, which highlights and mitigates risks in the process.

BIM Level 2 certified

After a vigorous assessment process we are officially BIM Level 2 certified, which means we can tender for both private or centrally procured government projects - a requirement set by the government itself. We work with industry bodies and BIM certification agencies such as BSI to ensure our BIM development, and are currently aspiring to achieve the BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Design and Construction.

Passionate about training

We want to collaborate and share knowledge with the industry and this is made possible by using BIM. We dedicate a lot of our time training our own teams and supply chain about BIM in order to provide a joined up approach. We provide a comprehensive BIM Level 2 Training programme based on our accredited BIM Task Group – BIM Learning Outcomes Framework - delivered in house via the Mace Business School.

Let's get digital

When architects, engineers, MEP specialists, commercial managers, FM specialists and subcontractors update a piece of information, all stakeholders can view that change instantly using 3D geometrical models and non-graphical data. This saves time and avoids clashes while improving cost management, schedule control and helps develop better sales and marketing strategies.