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N06 East Village Project summary

Client name

Get Living

Services provided

Construct, Specialist services


UK - London and south-east England

Project timeline

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Project story

From the outset, innovation has played an integral part of the construction of N06, supported by a forward-thinking client and subcontractor team.

Mace was appointed to build N06 in East London’s East Village, comprising two residential towers, at 26 and 31 storeys, and two ten-storey pavilions connected by a high level inhabited skybridge. This follows the success of N08 (Victory Plaza), where the team pioneered the award-winning jump factory – a temporary floor plate wrapped around the tower to create an indoor construction site that rises as each floor is built, reducing safety risks and improving speed of delivery.

With the delivery of N06 the team took lessons learned from N08 and developed a complete digitally driven offsite manufacture and assembly approach called High Rise Solutions. 

In a UK first we delivered both façade and structural components as sub-assemblies, adopting the unique approach pioneered by and in collaboration with Hickory in Australia. The result is that each floor is installed fully enclosed which not only reduces the project time but significantly reduces the risks of working from height.

By componentising the construction process and moving it to a digital platform, the programme is not only significantly faster but is guaranteed, as we are able to schedule the delivery of far fewer individual components to site. 

Additional benefits come from less waste production and less transport to site by simply installing engineered design solutions. 

Project stats

50 hours to build one floor
40% reduction in vehicle movements
60% fewer people on site

Points of note

From factory to site – the future of construction

Similar to a car assembly plant, by driving a production line approach we pre-assemble and manufacture around 95% of components in a controlled factory environment, before they are delivered ready for installation onsite.

By converting site activities to an offsite assembly process, the team has drastically reduced programme times, improved safety and minimised disruption to the local community. 

A kit of manufactured parts

Each floor consists of 46 reinforced precast concrete units, 24 concrete floor panels, prefabricated bathroom pods, utility cupboards and MEP service modules. A total of 96 factory made components make up each floor.

Digital engineered design solutions

At N06 the team harnessed the latest advances to track all manufactured components throughout the delivery journey to enable ‘just-in-time’ onsite delivery to a consistent quality. 

Using parametric modelling tools and artificial intelligence, High Rise Solutions were able to draw from a catalogue of components to design and manufacture the structure and façade sub-assemblies offsite.

New skills for the next generation of construction workers

When we set up our factory, we almost entirely hired people from the local area and trained them in the required multi skills needed. As we progressed and refined our construction method, their skillset has grown with the project journey. The digital and manufacturing skills required to achieve delivery methods of this nature opens up new and exciting career opportunities not only for young people entering the industry, but for existing members of the workforce who want to develop their skillset and capitalise on emerging technologies.