Smart Motorways Programme

Better, faster, cleaner, smarter.

Roads are the arteries of economies, allowing goods and people to get where they need to go. England's Smart Motorways Programme uses pioneering technology to reduce traffic congestion and improve journeys.

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Smart Motorways Programme Project summary


Highways England

Services provided

Consult, Project and programme management


Transport, Highways


UK and Europe

Project timeline

Start date
October 2015

Project story

Since 2016 Mace has been working with Highways England to deliver its Smart Motorways Programme, improving the journeys of millions of road users every year for better access and stronger links between towns and cities.

Smart Motorways use technology to understand the flow of traffic, so when it’s busy the speed limit can be changed quickly and efficiently. This technology is also used to bring hard shoulders into operation as an extra lane during busy periods, adding over 300 miles of extra capacity to the English Strategic Road Network.

We have brought our experience of successfully delivering major infrastructure projects and programmes to carry out road improvements quicker and more efficiently, saving the taxpayer money. Our role has developed from setting up the systems and processes in a Project Management Office (PMO) role into a business improvement and change role, helping to deliver efficiency savings for the Office for Rail and Road Regulation (ORR).