Cadillac Experience Center

Cadillac House: Car heaven

We provided project and cost management services for Cadillac’s pioneering new experience center, housed in their global headquarters in TriBeCa, New York. Creating a space for retail and exhibitions alike, it tells the story of the iconic car brand while also offering an outlet for sales.

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Cadillac Experience Center Project summary


General Motors

Key partners


Services provided

Consult, Project and programme management


Corporate real estate, Retail


North America

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Project story

A leading automotive brand since the turn of the 20th century, Cadillac has continued to grow globally – evolving to embrace innovative design and technology. Now, one year after it relocated its company headquarters from Detroit to New York City, our team has helped launch Cadillac House – a physical manifestation of the illustrious brand.

A rotating location for exhibitions, collaborative partnerships and events, Cadillac House brings the manufacturer to life in allowing a behind the scenes look for consumers. With the space featuring a fashion runway, art gallery, cutting edge AV installation, cafeteria and its own coffee shop – alongside a stunning vehicle display area – the new experience center represents a fresh approach to car sales, redefining what an automotive brand can be.

Cadillac Experience Center Building Interior - Mace Group

Project stats

12,000 sq ft size of Cadillac’s new experience center
114 years since Cadillac was founded, back in 1902

Points of note

Taking a new approach

Appointed by General Motors halfway through the process, our team was tasked with commandeering the delayed and over-budget project. Utilizing a creative and collaborative approach, we were able to guide the client in solving both problems. We suggested alternative materials which provided the same look, feel and quality as the original design at a significantly lower cost and engaged the stakeholders in workshops to establish and agree new milestone dates. Through this, our experts ensured the project delivered within a new, workable budget and schedule. 

Designing for Flexibility

By combining a modern and dynamic design, the result is a multipurpose space, able to host a photo shoot or fashion show as seamlessly as a vehicle launch. With 72 digital displays, fully customizable by Cadillac’s staff, Cadillac House is versatile for business while also providing a luxury retail experience for the consumer.

“Mace has literally been the glue that held this project together. I know you don’t have an easy job and you have my genuine and deep gratitude for all that you and your team have done.”