Driving the retail wellbeing of a US giant

We are providing a range of comprehensive services to US retail pharmacy giant, Walgreens, bringing our world class expertise to more than 8,000 stores.

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Walgreens Project summary




US$30,000-US$30 million

Services provided

Consult, Project and programme management


Commercial, Retail


North America, Americas

Project timeline

Start Date

Project story

Walgreens is the United States’ largest pharmacy driven retail chain. With a booming portfolio that stretches across North America and locations in excess of 8,000, it also owns a majority stake in the UK’s biggest pharmacy chain, Boots.

In 2012, our team was appointed to deliver Walgreens’ Well Experience Remodel Program which sought to enhance store layouts and boost the customer experience via a number of interior makeovers to existing locations.

From here we provided project and program management services on a national scale – driving maintenance and renovation programs along with entire store remodels – with our role soon expanding into a framework agreement. Our team now oversees a number of facility and real estate initiatives throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

To date, we have personally worked across all of the Walgreens retail portfolio. Services have included remodels, capital improvements, asset management, maintenance upgrades and special projects. We have also delivered around 150 new and flagship stores involving ground ups, full interior build outs from core and shell, and full interior build outs as second use spaces.

Project stats

8,000+ Walgreens retail branches in which we have worked to date
8,000+ Walgreens stores across the United States and Puerto Rico
150 ground up new and flagship stores delivered to date

Points of note

Integrated team approach

Commissioned on a per contract basis, it is our integrated team approach that has facilitated such vast works between Walgreens and our people. We collaborate extensively with the internal team – including bidding, contracting and sourcing – and manage the architect and contractor. By establishing constant lines of communication, we ensure stores remain fully operational and disruption free.

All day and all night

With work taking place during the day and/or overnight, we work closely with the general contractor and in-house Walgreens staff to ensure optimal efficiency. This efficiency is strengthened via pre-construction walkthroughs with contractors and in-house employees where we set expectations, confirm the execution schedule and maintain the robust line of communication.

Flexible and agile

We utilize staff from across our organization to provide services to meet individual project needs. The ability of our team to be flexible and agile while providing a consistent service and reporting across the entire US, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, makes us unique.