Mace, Arup and Gleeds selected as UK Delivery Team for Peruvian reconstruction work

  • The UK has been selected as Peru’s delivery partner to rebuild critical and social infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals, flood defence and water management systems affected by the El Niño Costero in 2017 in Peru.

  • The contract will be delivered by the UK Delivery Team, represented by strategic partners Mace, Arup and Gleeds.

  • Peru and the UK signed a Government-to-Government (G2G) agreement for this Reconstruction Programme.

Following severe damage caused by climate cycle El Nino Costero in Peru in 2017, today the Department for International Trade (DIT) has signed a G2G agreement with the Government of Peru to support the reconstruction, construction and enhancement of infrastructure damaged by El Nino.

The UK Delivery Team (UKDT), represented by the strategic partners Mace, Arup and Gleeds has been selected by Peru’s Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC) to act as its delivery partner. It will develop integrated management plans to mitigate and reduce climate and geohazard risks in 19 river basins affected during the El Niño event. 

The three British firms will draw on their expertise across the project lifecycle to support ARCC with the construction, reconstruction and renovation of infrastructure across the country.

The programme includes both new build and renovation of 74 schools and 15 new health centres. As El Nino is a recurring phenomenon, the programme also includes for the UK to support Peru to develop integrated management plans for flood mitigation infrastructure in 19 river basins, 5 gullies and 7 new urban drainage systems. This agreement will last for two years, starting from July 2020 to June 2022, with a possibility of extension for six months. 

Today, the agreement was signed by the Peruvian Government, represented by the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC), and by the UK government. Knowledge transfer is at the heart of the UK’s approach as well as shared interest in assuring the resilience and sustainability of infrastructure projects against climate change.

The UK Delivery Team will deliver technical assistance, PMO, procurement and delivery assurance in relation to the provision of schools, medical facilities and a flood resilience programmes. This major infrastructure programme is critical for Peru’s economic reactivation and the improvement of socio-economic opportunities for communities and businesses across the country.

International Trade Minister for Exports, Graham Stuart said:

“I am delighted that the UK has been selected by Peru to support the Reconstruction Programme following the devastating repercussions of the El Nino phenomenon in 2017.

“This partnership highlights the value UK businesses can bring to other countries and is a great example of UK expertise helping people around the world.

“More trade is essential for us to overcome the impacts of Coronavirus, and the Department for International Trade will be working hand in glove with the Peruvian Government to help rebuild and protect these regions for years to come.”

Mrs. Amalia Moreno Vizcardo, Executive Director from Reconstruction Authority, said:

“The United Kingdom has a vast experience in the management of complex projects and will provide technical assistance in prevention works in rivers and streams.

 “The synergy of knowledge between the United Kingdom and Peru will make it possible for major reconstruction projects to become a reality and for Peruvians to access quality services and be protected against an eventual natural disaster.

“We are convinced that the signing of this agreement and its immediate execution will become an important tool for economic reactivation for our country in the coming months and years.”

Jason Millett, CEO for Consultancy at Mace, said:

“Following the success of the Lima 2019 Games, this contract is a testament to the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships, trust and collaboration. 

“To that point, I’m delighted that we can continue to work with our friends and colleagues in Peru, to help deliver the critical social infrastructure needed by communities across the country. It’s an exciting commission that lays a clear marker for Mace’s ambitions overseas.”

Jerome Frost, Global Cities Leader at Arup, said:

“This commission will build on the strong partnership that we have been proud to help build between the UK and Peru during our work on the Pan American and Parapan American Games. 

“And now, UK firms will be in a position to make an even bigger impact with this Reconstruction Programme. It’s partnerships like this that build better, more sustainable futures for all and we hope as part of this commission we can cement even closer ties between the two countries.”

Stuart Senior, Supervisory Board, at Gleeds, said:

“Over the next two years, on behalf of the Department for International Trade, we will be working hand in hand with the Peruvian Government to help future-proof Northern Peru from the impact of flooding in the years to come, following the devastating repercussions of the El Niño phenomenon in 2017.

“Through intelligent risk analysis, cost planning and modelling and our in-depth understanding of routes to procurement, this programme will mark the beginning of a lasting relationship between the UK Delivery Team and our strategic network in the UK with local partners and communities in Peru.”

Peru G2G Contract Signing - Mace Group
Virtual Meeting: Peru G2G Contract Signing - Mace Group

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