We work across the health and education sectors, providing strategic advice and support throughout the property lifecycle; from estate rationalisation and preconstruction planning, to construction delivery and the operation of buildings.

Health and education are fundamental to human development and, as sectors, are core to Mace. How a person grows, develops, and learns, are life changing experiences and are key to their future success. The buildings that help to provide these experiences are so much more than their physical presence, their importance lies in the way that they improve the patient experience or how a child is educated. These are sectors that truly go beyond the individual and have an enduring impact on communities and the wider society.

At Mace we have extensive experience delivering projects for a wide range of health and education clients, and we appreciate the sensitive and competing demands that projects face - both in the public and private sectors - wherever they are in the world.

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  • Colin Harvey

    Director of Health, Consultancy, UK & Europe
  • Rob Lemming

    Managing Director Public Sector and Life Sciences, Construction

why mace?

Education first

Our education clients are delivering in challenging environments. Schools and education authorities are having to deliver more with less resource. Budget cuts mean that value engineering and finding efficiencies are key to delivering more school places as demand continues to grow. We recognise the importance of minimising waste, maximising resources and applying efficient processes to ensure that you achieve true value for money.

Universities on the other hand are competing on a global stage for students and the best teaching professionals. Student fees mean that young people are being more picky about where they go for higher education and the facilities and accommodation they're offered. And in order to attract the best talent and funding, universities are spending more on facilities and research centres.

Working together

We know your priority is to deliver best-in-class services to your end users, whether they are leading world recognised consultants or academics, clinicians, researchers, teachers, patients or students, we will work with you to ensure that the strategies developed deliver the buildings and facilities you need.

Healthy environments

The healthcare sector is also facing significant change and resource demands. In the public sector, NHS budgets are being stretched more than ever before and there's far greater public scrutiny on spending, with hospitals and Foundation Trusts working hard to deliver services and facilities fit for the 21st century. We are working with our clients to meet their needs, driving efficiencies and savings with every project.

Invariably the delivery of a construction project is undertaken in live environments presenting greater risk. Our ability to transform challenges into opportunities while ensuring business continuity, has been key to our success.

Private healthcare is also facing the challenge of competing for patients and medical professionals. We are working with our clients in this sector to deliver top quality facilities and service to patients.