Helpdesk services

The helpdesk is the heart of any FM solution. Connecting building users to engineers and contractors, a good helpdesk will take the strain out of daily operations.

Mace has over 20 years of international experience delivering helpdesk services to clients. We provide a single point of contact to our highly customer-focused, dedicated helpdesk team, creating an easy and efficient service for all end users. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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  • Sasha Memedovic

    Head of fm24, Facilities Management

Why mace?

You have a building issue? No problem.

If you face an issue, our dedicated helpdesk will take ownership and work towards a solution. Available as a standalone – supply chain independent - service or as part of a larger facilities management package, clients can access our helpdesk at any time, day or night, through all standard communication routes, as well as a dedicated self-service web portal.

Real-time reporting

Our computer aided facilities management system (CAFM) provides clients with real-time reporting and clear data insights giving you the peace of mind to make better informed business decisions.

Our systems feed into reporting dashboards that provide asset management data, helping you monitor planned and reactive maintenance and performance metrics.


Making a request

The helpdesk currently handles around 500,000 requests a year and controls activities on 7,000 properties. We have operators working across two helpdesks, based in the UK and in the Middle East, enabling us to assist clients worldwide.

The helpdesk manages each task through to resolution; ensuring that from instigation to completion your task is being prioritised properly and end-users are updated on its status. 


Our people

Beyond the basic “nine to five”, real business never stops. Our highly skilled team and fm24 operators work around the clock, providing that essential confidence that clients’ property portfolios are operating at their full potential, supporting their corporate and workplace performance throughout the day