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Driving ambitions. Embedding cultures. Harnessing talent.

At Mace, we understand the true value of the workplace – the impact it has on business objectives and the role it plays in supporting a healthy workforce.

As the world of workplace continues to evolve, it’s never been more important to rethink how buildings should be run.

Facilities management goes far beyond operations. Done well, it allows businesses to focus on their core function. Done exceptionally, it impacts business strategies and ambitions.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been designing experiences for our clients that exceed expectations. From commercial offices and government buildings to cultural landmarks, we’ve demonstrated the true, often uncovered, value of the workplace.

Our global experience has provided us with a wealth of data and insights - such as our Workplace Survey Report - that allows us to develop robust, evidence-based portfolio strategies, tailoring workplace experiences to individual business needs and bringing worldwide best practice to the fore.

Every challenge is an opportunity to think differently, challenge convention and demonstrate a better way.

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With the evolving workplace comes an evolving workplace experience.

As businesses move to a more flexible way of working, so too must the corporate office, incorporating activity-based working and delivering personalised interactions for employees. Office cubicles and grey décor? We’ve come a long way from there.

For hybrid working models to be successful, employees need to benefit from their time spent in the office, maximising on opportunities for collaboration, with everything they need only the push of a button away.

Our white-label app allows clients to build their bespoke workplace tool, with employees able to book desks, meeting rooms, order catering options and more all through a fully integrated app on their phone.

With a friendly face to help guide employees, our workplace experience managers offer that human touch and provide a concierge service to ensure that every day is seamless. 

The workplace is advancing. And technology is leading the revolution.

Managing spaces is more than just the physical office. It’s about creating an experience for our clients – influencing both business strategies and ambitions.

For the workplace, technology has become a non-negotiable. Data and analytics inform decisions and shape strategies, while workplace technologies create real-time interactions for colleagues as they go about their working day.

Every business, building and workplace purpose is different. We work with our clients to address each specific need - delivering transparency, flexibility, and agility on every project.

Using a blend of sensors, app technology and reporting software, we can generate a digital view of our clients’ portfolios, highlighting performance, experience and optimisation to help them get the most out of their corporate real estate.


Sustainable. Inclusive. Connected.

The workplace of today must consider the climate challenges of tomorrow. The built environment has the capability to deliver more sustainable solutions, to reduce the impact on the planet and encourage a healthier, happier workforce.

Working with clients we can support Net Zero Carbon ambitions, deliver energy savings and deliver single-use plastics targets. Backed by our knowledge and experience across the whole building lifecycle, we take the lead in implementing innovations and initiatives to transform the way workplaces are operated.

We’re leading the way on social value, identifying opportunities to support social enterprises and give back to the community. Using our supply chain model, we have the flexibility to work with businesses that deliver for our clients and support the causes closest to their hearts.