Opera District

The show goes on in the heart of Dubai

Dubai’s skyline continues to evolve with Emaar’s latest development in the iconic Opera District.

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Opera District Project summary


Emaar Developments LLC

Key partners

WSP, Khatib & Alami, KEO, ArchGroup

Services provided

Project and programme management




UAE Dubai, Middle East and Africa

Project timeline

Start date
May 2016

Project story

When it comes to awe-inspiring developments, you need look no further than Dubai, one of the fastest growing cities in the world and home to the world's tallest tower, largest mall and grandest fountain.

Close by, and adding to the region's breadth of ground-breaking projects is The Opera District, answering the ever-growing demand for high-end accommodation. Set within Downtown Dubai, its location is unrivalled.

As project manager for eight of the mixed-use luxury residential and hospitality towers within the district, Mace used its expertise of working within constrained sites and across multiple projects to help deliver these new landmarks. The towers stand tall and proud next to their iconic neighbours - the sky scraping Burj Khalifa, the striking Dubai Fountain, and the newly opened Dubai Opera, which is already the venue of choice in showcasing local talent and world-class shows.

Our approach was to treat these projects as one major programme, allowing all eight sites to benefit from shared knowledge and standardised systems; guaranteeing best practice was embraced across all of the projects to drive efficiencies through economies of scale.

With 20 years of experience in the region, Mace here once again sets the standard for complex builds in a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape.

project stats

9 hectare site
2.1 km combined height of all 8 towers

points of note

Complex logistics

Along with other neighbouring construction sites, the location of this incredible scheme created major logistical constraints. Enclosed sides, limited site access, high congestion levels and a full schedule of events continuing at Dubai Opera, means we needed to develop a robust logistics strategy for our projects, providing strict segregation of public access routes and vehicle roads, with phased migration of the roads and access routes as construction progressed.

Raising the bar on health and safety

Health and safety is firmly engrained at Mace no matter where in the world we’re working. At the Opera District we worked closely with Emaar’s health and safety department to implement a robust and standardised approach to delivering the projects to the highest standards in the region.

More than meets the eye

The towers are not simply high skyscrapers, but also encompass a vast, interconnected basement that is, in places, up to 6 levels below ground. We managed the complex integration of the interconnecting basements within the plots as well as connecting into existing basements to create a complex subterranean network that will provide the future logistical and service hub for the Opera District.

Designing with a view

Mace is also provided design management services for the eight towers. This has been integral in allowing Emaar’s Development Management teams to better control the final project outcome from the early design, procurement and initial construction phases. We advised on the key strategies to accommodate value driven modifications to the designs while minimising the impact on overall project delivery.