Forming a partnership to deliver world-class research and healthcare

For 18 years, our expert research and pharmaceutical teams have worked to support GSK's mission of helping people do more, feel better and live longer by improving and expanding its facilities across the globe.

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Project story

As one of the world’s leading research based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, GSK’s success depends upon creating environments that stimulate vibrant and dynamic research as well as development, in order to bring new medicines, vaccines and other healthcare products to market safely and cost effectively.

World-class scientific and commercial facilities are absolutely essential for this. Our company's story with GSK began in 1998, where we were appointed to deliver their global UK-based headquarters - GSK House. The one million square foot development, was completed 30 months ahead of schedule, saving £60m and set new standards for construction delivery, safety and innovation.

The delivery of GSK House firmly established trust in Mace to deliver its projects. From then on, we have continued to deliver and expand our range of projects to support its robust programme of works globally. From planning and delivering a £350m, 120,000 square metre masterplan in Ulverston to deliver biopharmaceutical manufacturing space with full site support facilities, making it a totally independent operating site.

Our teams integrate with GSK teams on all projects providing a range of project and programme, cost and commercial, lean construction management and technical services to ensure they are delivered in a sustainable and effective manner.

Project stats

£60m savings made by early completion
400 new jobs created during construction (250 permanent roles)
50 projects delivered

Points of note

Building long-lasting relationships

The success of GSK House has created trust with the client and started a long-lasting partnership that continues to move forward. Our teams now embedded with GSK's in-house teams for seamless delivery of projects and fully integrated service offerings.

Environmentally sensitive

GSK's planned development at Ulverston is next to one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive and protected areas. We deployed sustainability experts on the project to produce environmental surveys to ensure any work protected the existing space, as well as including green energy ideas in the expansion programme.

Worth it in Worthing

We've been providing a variety of support roles for GSK at its Worthing site since 2013. The site is strategically important for GSK as it has both primary and secondary manufacturing capabilities. Our role ranges from site capital manager, to project lead on a primary redevelopment facility, to provide support for site operations.

Stand out success

As well as being delivered in just 30 months, six months ahead of schedule and saving GSK £6m, the construction methods we used at GSK House set new standards at the time. Our project team were the first to use digital communications and fully integrated IT systems on the site, which was operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Community investment

Our work with GSK has had a positive impact on local communities. In Ulverston, GSK currently employs 240 people and the new development will create 400 jobs during construction, plus a further 250 permanent roles. Our experienced socio-economic teams work with GSK to take a proactive approach to employment and skills training on projects, putting a framework in place now for skills required in the future.