Siemens – Green Port Hull

A £310m renewable energy project

This future gazing project saw the construction of a new facility that manufactures the world’s longest wind turbine blades, at 75m, along with service facilities and an investment in a brand new installation harbour.

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Siemens – Green Port Hull Project summary


Siemens PLC


£310m (approximate total investment)

Services provided

Project and programme management, Consult


Industrial and manufacturing, Sectors


UK and Europe, UK North

Project timeline

Start date
January 2012

Project story

Siemens Wind Power is one of the largest suppliers of offshore renewable energy wind turbines. To meet the demand for future wind energy, Siemens has invested in the construction of a new harbour at Green Port in Hull, UK, to enable the pre-assembly of turbines prior to installation in the North Sea. This has involved filling in two internal docks and reclaiming a significant amount of land from the Humber. They have also constructed a new facility used to build 75m long turbine blades and a second facility to service turbines around Europe.

Mace’s role was to provide project, commercial and environment, health and safety management for the construction of the blade factory, the service warehouse and give technical oversight to the harbour development undertaken by Associated British Ports.
Siemens Green Port Hull - Mace Group

Project stats

£2m a week construction expenditure over a two year period
7 football fields, the same size as the blade manufacturing factory
54 hectares when completed and reclaimed

Points of note

Working together

This project brought together multiple parts of the Siemens' business (Service, Blade, Offshore, Real Estate) to one common goal: delivering turbines from the site to the UK's offshore wind farms. 

Early delivery

Key to success was the ability to start blade manufacture as early as possible. Close working between the contractor and Siemens fit-out teams, with phased access and possession, enabled the first blade to be removed from its mould at the same time as practical completion was issued for the whole facility.

“A highly complex mix of requirements from a large number of demanding stakeholders within Siemens, alongside technical challenges of the construction itself have been successfully delivered by a truly collaborative project team.”

“Mace provided a highly skilled and dedicated team of construction professionals who have worked with us seamlessly across all three projects here at Hull to achieve our ambitious timeline. We have worked as one team and all have been passionate about delivering the project. ”