Building a legacy for a healthy society

4 min read

In the third of Mace's 'Shaping a post-COVID world' series, we look at the legacy of the huge global investment in pharma and healthcare over the last twelve months - and explore the role of the built environment in driving outcomes that benefit everyone.

We examine how our sector can respond to the challenges facing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries - and why building a legacy of investment must be part of our collective ambition.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other crisis that we have faced in generations. It has wreaked human and economic havoc of an unprecedented global magnitude, yet recovery goes beyond the immediate response to the virus. At the heart of the word ‘recovery’ lies an inherent acknowledgement that people have a right to lead happy and healthy lives.

How can we debate the path to sustainable economic growth without staunchly focusing on human capital and the investment in people and their health? You cannot achieve one without the other. What this means for our industry is clear: to create healthy, resilient societies for the future, the legacy of what we build must produce healthcare that stands the test of time.

In a world eagerly awaiting the impact of the COVID-19 vaccines, recovery goes far beyond the battle against the virus. To truly ‘build back better’, people need access to healthcare that enables them to lead happy, healthy lives.

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