The sky's the limit at N06

At N06, Mace is delivering two residential towers for Get Living, using High Rise Solutions, a cutting-edge offsite construction method. The development will provide 500 new homes on the former site of the 2012 London Olympic village. 

Celebrating another milestone in delivery, the team has installed a 60 tonne skybridge linking the two towers at level 10 and 11 and connecting the double height amenity spaces. It marks a huge logistical and engineering challenge, that took a year of meticulous logistical planning and design work prior to the installation on site.

The bridge was prefabricated in two large sections and a series of trial lifts were carried out to determine the optimum way to install the bridge onsite and minimise the impact on logistics at N06. The bridge was then dismantled, and all components delivered to site, where it was assembled on a live site for three weeks, before it was lifted to its final position. 

The success was driven by the great team effort and work with our supply chain partners. By carrying out a trial assembly and establishing how the lift plan worked and each module moved, the team achieved to reduce the install programme on site, whilst continuing to complete a new floor every 50 hours. 
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