Transforming society: Using construction as a catalyst to deliver change

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We’re on the edge of a revolution in how we build – one that could help us transform our society, delivering more productive public services. 

With new construction technology and processes, we can build better hospitals, schools, offices and homes; and in turn create better outcomes for everyone. 

To do that, we need a change in mindset across the sector. We need to focus on our end-users – the teachers, nurses and office workers – that actually use the buildings we design and build. 

The debate about modern methods of construction has become stagnated. We know that we should be able to deliver faster and cheaper construction. The question is – can we build better buildings? 

In Mace’s latest Insights report, we explore the future of the construction sector and how it could impact our public services. Construction can help us transform our society – but only if we move away from a traditional approach and make ‘construction to production’ a reality. 

By adopting a production approach, we believe that design and specification of new buildings can take place earlier, helping us to engage the end-users earlier and create more productive workplaces and better homes.  

To deliver that vision, we propose a new vision for innovation in design and construction, through the adoption of a new model for investigating, developing and embedding new technology based on NASA's 'technological readiness levels’; alongside a number of important recommendations for Government to take forward. 

How can we build hospitals that make it easier for nurses to treat people? How much more time could teachers have to spend teaching our children? To find out more, read our latest report.
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