Operating across borders

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In the era of Trump and Brexit, managing and operating a real estate portfolio comes with its fair share of challenges and issues. 

Add to this international cross-border delivery with its varying cultural sensitivities, legal requirements, financial challenges, global geopolitical instability and economic uncertainty and it becomes a veritable minefield.

Property directors across all industries face similar challenges, as well as those unique to their own business, workforce and sector requirements. 

It requires keeping one eye on the changing times and new ways of working and technologies, and the other on estate requirements and operations; which can prove a complex balancing act. 

How can portfolio managers achieve success in such a challenging context?

Strategies differ, but common ground includes striving for consistency across the entire estate, as well as seeking to procure trusted partners that combine global reach with local expertise. 

No one can predict what new issues could emerge or when major changes might be required across a global property portfolio - all you can do is to make sure you are as prepared as possible. 

Our latest Mace Insights report and podcast brings together property directors from multi-national blue chip organisations to discuss these and other challenges. Are you ready for the next challenge in global real estate? 

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