The growing importance of programme management

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There is a growing importance of the role of programme management in the private sector and of delivery partner in the public sector, helping to deliver one version of the truth.

Managing complex projects and programmes of work - whether at a single location or across a number of sites or countries - is becoming an increasing challenge for businesses, both in the public and private sectors.


And, when it comes to decision-making, how can you be assured that you're basing that decision on the correct data, rather than looking at alternative facts? How do you ensure that you have one version of the truth?


Every client, programme, project seems to be experiencing the same fundamental issues around how they establish and operate their Project Controls and Programme Management environments. There are some fundamental lessons and basic ingredients in which we all experience and the PMO Insights session brought those challenges out in the open and set out some basic do and don'ts. How do we get meaningful management information which can support and deliver benefits?


Mace specialists in Programme Management, along with industry experts from GSK and the London Legacy Development Corporation have shared their top tips, which reach across industries and resonate across sectors. You can hear what they had to say by listening to the podcast below. 

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