Vinnie Kilner, Associate Director, Consultancy - Mace Group
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Vincent Kilner

Operations Director

Consultancy, UK

Vinnie’s grandfather was in construction so he had always grown up around the building world. After graduating from university with a degree in management studies he joined Mace’s Graduate Development Programme in 2008. Now Vinnie is an operations director in Mace’s retail team and enjoys delivering flagship stores and supporting new talent as they join the business.

Why construction?
Construction is different. It’s fast paced, there are a variety of clients and each project has its own unique challenges. There is a lot of diversity within the industry and you get to work with so many different people, from clients to consultants, contractors to local authorities. Construction is global, and being in the industry we get the opportunity to work across the world, which is great.
Why Mace?
Mace has the flexibility and autonomy to make quick decisions. It's a forward thinking company that is still young, vibrant and full of ambition.
How has your career progressed since joining Mace?

When I first joined, I was a graduate working on the refurbishment of teaching rooms. Since then, I’ve experienced project management, scheduling management, programme management and construction management. It’s been great to have the freedom to chase different opportunities within one company - Mace is very supportive of that. The experience has also made me much more rounded and I'm able to understand the roles, sectors and operations within the business, how they interlink and the pivotal role they all play.

I chose to pursue a project management role because, for me, it provided the right balance between construction and management, the contractor and the client. Retail is quick, it’s challenging and ultimately, it’s rewarding. Attention to detail is paramount, while delivering the highest quality in the quickest time. I work with some fantastic clients across the world and enjoy working in a variety of international locations.

Mace definitely gives you the tools to get to where you want to be, but you need drive and ambition to get there – I’ve always felt supported and mentored.

What was Mace’s Developing Success programme like?
I was encouraged to apply for Mace’s Developing Success programme and was really happy when I found out I'd been successful. The scheme helped my support network and confidence, but most importantly it really helped me with my career progression by giving me visibility in the company and an opportunity to build my own personal brand.
Vinnie Kilner, Associate Director, Consultancy - Mace Group

“Mace has the flexibility and autonomy to make quick decisions. It’s a forward thinking company that is still young, vibrant and full of ambition.”

What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?
The satisfaction from delivering challenging projects and supporting the development of new project managers as they come into the business. Helping them to grow and reach their goals is incredibly rewarding.
What skills do you need to be good at your job?
You need drive, flexibility and the ability to think on your feet. You need to be personable but able to challenge. It’s important to see the bigger picture and to be solutions focused.
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into what you do?
Listen and take on board as much as you can – you never stop learning. Even now I’m learning new things all the time. Try to keep an open mind and say yes to opportunities when they come and try new experiences. You never know where they might take you!
What do you see as the big trend for your specialism in the next five years?
The consumer shopping experience is changing. Stores are becoming showrooms with the ability to deliver products direct to the consumer within hours. Virtual screens and integrated technology are making design and standards change. There's also an extra demand on distribution hubs and storage sheds which is a different way of delivering retail.