Rowan Wilyman, Graduate Trainee, Consultancy - Mace Group
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Rowan Wilyman

Graduate, Project Manager

Consultancy, UK

Rowan joined Mace in July 2015 after accepting a position on the Graduate Development Programme. His passion for water sports saw him surf his way into Mace as an
trainee project manager working on developer services and quality assurance, and more recently on asset delivery.

How did you get into what you do?

I was looking to find work overseas after graduating with a degree in geology. However, the opportunities were few and far between and I ended up working in financial recruitment in the UK for a while.

I’ve always been interested in the construction industry, and loved the idea of seeing how one project can change and improve the community it was built in. Driving change and pushing innovation has been something I've always wanted to be part of.

I wanted to work for a leading construction and consultancy company where I could improve my skills and experience. Mace was the perfect choice in helping me be more innovative and approach my future with an open mind. The investment in the Graduate Development Programme is also second to none in the industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?
The variety of work. What I enjoy most are the opportunities to move across different areas of the business. I learn something new every day on the Graduate Development Programme and am always kept on my toes.
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into what you do?

Challenge yourself; don’t be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone. For someone following in my footsteps, it's important they have a clear plan of what they need to develop, and take every opportunity presented to them.

A wide range of knowledge across the project lifecycle can be key to being a successful project manager. For me, I believe that the more you get stuck in, the better.

What do you hope you will be doing in the next 5-10 years?

I recently joined the team working on international projects, which after five years I believe will be the perfect platform for me to work across a range of different cultures, build my client base and overcome new challenges.

In ten years? I hope to oversee my own business unit! Hopefully by then, a time machine will have been invented so I can travel back in time and give you a more accurate answer.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love everything and anything that involves being outdoors. At the weekends, I like to get out of London and get hiking and biking.

I also like surfing in Cornwall and going away with friends at the weekend - not a cheap hobby, but well worth it.

Rowan Wilyman, Graduate Trainee, Consultancy - Mace Group

“Mace was the perfect choice in helping me be more innovative and approach my future with an open mind.”