John Holland Kaye, Healthrow CEO Interview With Mace - Mace Group

John Holland Kaye

Chief Executive Officer

Heathrow Airport

From our first appointment in 1992, to delivering the first runway since World War Two, our relationship with Heathrow Airport is one of innovation, world-class delivery and impeccable safety records.

Mace has played an integral part in expanding and improving Heathrow Airport. From Terminal 5 to the Air Traffic Control Tower, we have delivered some of the largest and most complex projects.

More recently, in 2009 we were uniquely appointed to work in all five terminals, and in 2012 we were awarded an entire portfolio of work at Heathrow.

We are currently delivering several demanding projects at the airport and have been appointed as programme client partner for the development of a third runway.

John Holland Kaye, CEO for Heathrow Airport talks about how the partnership with Mace supports the company to achieve its vision.