Gudmundur Runarsson

Chief Airport Development Officer


Mace was appointed in 2019 as programme manager for the Keflavik International Airport Major Development Plan (MDP), and our work with the country’s airport operator, Isavia, has been the foundation for the complex delivery of Iceland’s largest infrastructure project.

Isavia is aiming to double the capacity of the existing airport (while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint), and fostering an integrated ‘one team’ mentality,  has been vital to the project's success so far.

Mace’s 30-strong team in Reykjavik provides a full range of programme management services to Isavia, including the development of a legacy and sustainability plan to ensure the project’s positive impact for the future.

In this video, Isavia’s Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson (Chief Commercial & Airport Development Officer) and Maren Lind Másdóttir (Director of Assets and Infrastructure) speak on the collaboration that is bringing this vision to life.