Peru Government to Government Agreement Extended

The G2G agreement 'Reconstruction with Changes' between the Peruvian Authority and the UK has been extended.

The Government-to-Government (G2G) agreement between Peru and the United Kingdom for the Reconstruction with Changes Programme has been extended until 31 December 2023.

This extension allows the UK Delivery Team (UKDT) to continue providing technical assistance to the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC) to accelerate the implementation of health facilities and schools, as well as to manage transparent and effective procurement processes of integrated solutions for flood control in rivers, gullies and drainage systems in Northern Peru.

The extension of this innovative agreement will continue to generate thousands of jobs nationwide and will carry on the reconstruction of 74 schools and 18 health facilities. Additionally, it will support the implementation of integrated solutions for flood prevention projects, which will benefit over 4 million Peruvians.

The British Ambassador to Peru, Gavin Cook, highlighted that:

"The Authority for Reconstruction with Changes, with the assistance of the UKDT, is changing the way projects are delivered in Peru. It is very encouraging that this agreement between our countries continues to deliver results and closing infrastructure gaps for the benefit of Peruvian citizens.

We will continue to work together to leave a legacy of knowledge that will generate more sustainable infrastructure at the national level."

In the framework of the G2G, 22 schools and 2 health facilities have already been delivered in 8 regions: Tumbes, Cajamarca, Huancavelica, Piura, Ancash, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Lima. In addition, in order to guarantee the continuity of health services, 5 temporary health establishments are in operation in Ancash, Piura and Lima.

A major milestone under this partnership was reached in October with the delivery of the Master Plan for Piura River. This is the first integrated plan that proposes interventions to protect the local population from flooding that may occur due to El Nino phenomenon.

In addition, more than 15 contracts for integrated solution have been signed, covering a wide range of preventive projects in rivers and gullies, as well as innovation through the implementation of early warning systems and natural infrastructure projects.

Likewise, the Executive Director of the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes, Rosmary Cornejo, stated that:

"The continued support of the UKDT strengthens us as an institution, as it implies a permanent transfer of knowledge and skills for professionals and technicians involved in public management in the country.

As the projects are completed, the change in quality standards is more than significant and of benefit to all. The ARCC with UKDT is setting benchmarks for what should be the future of public services in Peru."

The technical assistance of the UKDT, formed by British companies Mace, Arup and Gleeds, comprises the management, planning, monitoring and control of more than 130 projects, as well as the development of the contracting processes of a portfolio valued at over S/12,550 million, with shorter award and execution times. Similarly, knowledge transfer is a key pillar of collaboration under the G2G framework. Under this framework, more than 294 learning modules and 1103 project management trainings have been delivered.

Finally, Kate Flint, UKDT Programme Director, said:

"In the first two years of our partnership we have worked closely with the ARCC to establish a robust framework that has supported the acceleration of procurement, design, construction and handover of resilient and sustainable schools, health facilities and flood defences.

The feedback from pupils, parents, patients, nurses and doctors on the quality of the new facilities has been very positive, and the standards we are setting together are now being applied across the country. We look forward to collaborating this year to maintain progress towards a safer and more sustainable Peru."