Mace launches new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Mace has today announced the launch of a new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that will shape the organisation’s approach to addressing equality, inclusion and diversity over the next three years. 

The strategy marks a new determination at the most senior levels of the business to address long-term structural inequality across both the Mace business and the wider sector. By publishing the strategy externally for the first time, the Group Board aims to send a clear message about the company’s ambition to be a leading industry voice on issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. 

Alongside the strategy, Mace has published its latest set of gender and ethnicity pay gap data, six months in advance of the statutory reporting deadline. The new figures show that Mace is making incremental progress towards addressing the gender pay gap, with a new mean gender pay gap of 34.5%, a drop of 8% since our 2018/19 data was published earlier this year. 

The new strategy sees Mace adopt clear and transparent talent management and pay gap targets for the first time, with the company stating an ambition to: 

  • Improve its gender and ethnicity pay gap by at least 10% year on year
  • Increase the number of employees who identify as disabled by +5% 
  • Increase the number of new hires from black and ethnic minority backgrounds by +5% 
  • Improve gender diversity by increasing the number of female new hires by +5%
  • Increase diversity at the most senior levels by increasing the number of diverse new hires at Associate Director grade and above by +5%
Mark Reynolds, Mace Group CEO, said: 

"It is personally hugely important to me that we champion inclusion and diversity throughout Mace; at all levels and in every corner of our business. This strategy marks the evolution of our thinking on these issues over the last six months. It demonstrates a clear commitment about the kind of organisation we want to be. 

“Although we’ve made incremental improvements we still clearly have further to go. I want Mace to be seen as a leading light in the global sector on diversity and inclusion; and this strategy outlines the next stage of that journey for us. 
“The construction industry has tolerated prejudice and unconscious bias for too long. We cannot continue to be successful unless we are able to draw on a genuinely diverse pool of talent and expertise. To do that, we must ensure that everyone feels comfortable being themselves in the workplace.”

Our new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Diversity And Inclusion Strategy 2020 - 2023 - Mace Group

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