Mace Macro secures ISO 55001 at the Emirates Air Line

Mace Macro (Macro) has been certified by the BSI to the ISO standard 55001, for asset management at the Emirates Air Line.

ISO 55001 is a standard developed for the use of people or organisations involved in asset management, and specifies the requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of an asset management system.

The 18-month project to create a single, robust asset management platform required collaboration between the client, Transport for London, as well as several key supply partners. The system will enable Macro to improve the financial data, in order to better inform investment decisions and risk management. 

The two-stage, four-day audit concluded with a positive recommendation with no non-conformances, and only three opportunities for improvement. Feedback from the audit highlighted how the asset management system and policy have been created to maximise guest satisfaction, minimise whole life costs and maintain high standards of safety. It will be used to support the decision making criteria, to ensure the lifecycle of the assets is optimised without compromising safety. 

Macro’s relationship with Emirates Air Line first began in 2012 when, after completion of the construction of the cableway, Macro was appointed to operate and maintain the Air Line. The contract was renewed in 2017, and Macro has been working with the client and supply chain since then to implement and achieve certification for ISO 55001. 

This certification is a first for Mace Macro, and demonstrates the high standard of working practices and client collaboration encouraged within the business.

Jon Day, Operations & Commercial Manager, Macro:

“Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to this achievement, especially the Transport for London Sponsored Services team whose openness to collaboration, investment of time and strategic direction has been a vital contributing factor in our success. The fact that there were no non-conformances was especially telling of the close relationship between Macro and our supply partners, as well as the robust management controls and processes that are in place.“

David Fisher, Head of Emirates Air Line and London River Services, Transport For London:

“Congratulations to all involved, this is worthy recognition for the hard work that has been put into this project. We look forward to realising the benefits of this system well into the future”.

London Emirates Royal Docks - Mace Group