Misk City Foundation Centre

Delivering a landmark for Saudi youth

A new hub for youth development, innovation and creativity

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Misk City Foundation Centre Project summary

Client company name

Misk Foundation

Key Partners

Misk Foundation (Client), JLL (PMO), Conrad Gargett (Lead Designer) BSBG (Multi-disciplinary support), Mace (PMCM)


Irqah District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Services provided



Middle East and Africa


Project story

Modern. Vibrant. Sustainable. 

Located within the capital of Riyadh, the Misk City Foundation Centre is an iconic addition to the Mohammed bin Salman non-profit city. Serving as the new headquarters of one of the nation’s foremost charities, this unique development is destined to become a central hub, where the future leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be nurtured and equipped to realise the nation’s 2030 goals.

The stunning new headquarters will be housed in the Foundation Centre, overlooking the ancient Wadi Hanifa and has been designed to reflect the contemporary identity of Riyadh in combination with rich Najdi and Salmani architectural style. 

Mace Consult is supporting the Foundation in the delivery of this incredible new centrepiece, combining subject matter expertise with local experience, through a range of project and commercial management services.

Aligned with the City’s bold aspirations, sustainability is a key pillar of the design process and Mace’s consultants are managing the project infrastructure and facilities with the aim of achieving carbon-neutral operations and a GBCI LEED Gold certification. There is also a focus on locally sourced materials, use of concrete over steel, maximising recycled content and a design that will allow for future dismantling.

The Foundation Centre will cover 6,000 sqm of office accommodation and features a large internal atrium-covered garden, which permits public access through the building and forms a continuation of the ‘lifeline ’pedestrian route from the Forum Bridge set within the Wadi.

In addition to its functionality and beautiful design, the garden’s comfortable micro-climate also supports the Green Riyadh project, which is one of the most ambitious urban landscape projects in the world, aiming to increase the per capita share of green space to its residents.

Misk City is further focused on setting the highest standards in environmental care and healthy work environments with the aim of attracting more talent – all as part of the Quality of Life (QoL) programme under Saudi Vision 2030.

The new headquarters is currently under design stage and is expected to open its doors to staff, students and visitors in the next couple of years.


Project Stats

6000sqm of office accommodation in the Misk headquarters
20,000 employees in Misk City
18,000 residents in Misk City