Irish Water

One of the world's largest meter installation programmes

Supporting Irish Water in the most ambitious nationwide domestic meter rollout programme ever undertaken.

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Irish Water Project summary


Irish Water

Services provided

Consult, Project and programme management


Energy and utilities, Utilities


UK and Europe


Project story

In 2013, almost half of Ireland’s water supply was subject to leakage because of poor pipes and a lack of long term investment. It was costing €1.2bn every year to run the Irish public water system and unlike anywhere else in Europe, water consumption in Ireland was neither measured nor directly charged for.

As part of the Irish Government's vision to reform water provision and operations in the country, Irish Water was established, which comprised of a single national water utility combining the water services formerly provided by 34 local authorities. Domestic water charges were introduced by the Irish Government. Based onsite in Irish Water’s offices in Dublin, Mace provided the client with project and programme management as well as subject matter expertise on meter billing and revenue collection, metering technology and customer side leakage.

Uisce Irish Water Staff - Mace Group

Project stats

£430m capital investment programme
1,600jobs created by Irish Water’s nationwide metering programme
1.05million domestic water meters to be installed by 2016
48million litres of water saved per day

Points of note

Delivery in a challenging climate

We delivered the project in the face of significant challenges including some public and political opposition to the setup of a national water utility and domestic water charges.

Embedding into client teams

Based in Irish Water’s offices in Dublin, our team provided subject matter expertise on meter billing and revenue collection, metering technology and customer side leakage. We also worked with Irish Water on projects including smart metering pilot studies, customer behaviour studies and green schools initiatives.

Driving innovation to support customers

Mace were instrumental in developing and implementing the country’s inaugural customer side leakage programme, First Fix Free, to fix, at no cost to the customer. This programme was launched in early 2015 across all metering regions throughout the country and, combined with a programme of education, has saved over 48 million litres of water per day to date.