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Programme delivery for the UK’s largest water-only supplier

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Affinity Water Project summary


Affinity Water

Services provided

Consult, Project and programme management


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Project story

Affinity Water is the single largest water-only supplier in the UK. The firm provides over 900 million litres of water, to a population of 3.5 million every single day. Our relationship with the company stretches back to 2005, when we managed its asset delivery programme. Today, this has evolved to a stage where Affinity Water's staff and our own function form one collaborative and integrated team.

The £450m five year investment programme covers a vast range of work, including close supervision of capital investment projects. As a delivery partner, the stringent regulations and targets set by water regulator, Ofwat, and the Drinking Water Inspectorate are in the forefront of our mind. There is also a growing emphasis on stakeholder engagement, reducing costs and minimising disruption to customers – a specialist area for our world class team.

Affinity Water Pipe - Mace Group

Project stats

£450m investment across a five year programme
600 km of water mains
900 million litres of water maintained daily

Points of note

Driving efficiencies

As service provider, our mission is to help Affinity Water significantly beat its targets. This includes enabling major efficiencies required during replacement of 600 kilometres of its water mains. Via in depth analysis of renewal costs, while also identifying where new target costs and savings could be made, we helped to shrink the unit rate by almost a third.

In line with our vision to boost productivity and reduce costs, we teamed up with our contractors to introduce streamlined systems and processes. A Project Management Office (PMO) system was also introduced to ensure continuous visibility of the works, offering real time information that was of massive value.

A healthy approach

With health and safety a key facet of our company, we introduced a safety leadership team tasked with reducing accidents, utility strikes and improving quality.

creative and ambitious

Reappointed by Affinity Water as its service provider in April 2015, the water firm now heads toward AMP6 – an industry wide regulatory period. With our bright staff on hand, we’ll provide programme and project management expertise, design and delivery services, commercial management and planning expertise to ensure successful delivery of Affinity Water’s asset investment portfolio. Our comprehensive role as service provider allows us to further assist Affinity Water develop their creative and ambitious business plan. With our staff working industriously alongside their own, the next five years will see Affinity Water set new standards for high quality water delivery.

“Securing the service provider role is a significant milestone for Mace and allows us to continue the exciting journey to assist Affinity Water to become the leading community focused water company in the UK.”

“We chose Mace because with its balance of skills, expertise and behaviours, it has demonstrated the capability to enable us to be successful. I look forward to building on this established relationship as we continue to work on achieving the commitments we have made to our communities.”