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Strategic advisory services

Navigating the landscape of uncertainty when initiating or delivering major programmes and projects is a challenge that has historically sat exclusively within the domain of technical experts in the built environment.

But as infrastructure, major developments and new city master plans have a greater emphasis on the social, political, and environmental enhancement to the communities they serve locally and nationally, a broader and more holistic approach is required. Complex funding structures, stakeholder integration, community engagement and demonstrable benefits are but a few examples of the language that now drives major development.

We have developed an approach that enables project sponsors and clients to get early access to our breadth of our pragmatic and hands-on delivery expertise to bring confidence that proposals are viable. Working within our client’s organisation we prioritise the factors that will deliver success and provide direction on the issues that create reluctance to commit; the most common source of inertia that plagues complex developments.

Within our advisory services team we provide emphasis on risk, uncertainty and value management, governance, collaboration, strategic planning and deliverability, social value, sustainability, commercial and procurement in a configuration that offers advice at the level matched to our client’s needs.

Our full lifecycle delivery capability is at the heart of our business which means our advice will be tailored to establish, evaluate or enhance your end-to-end process or focus on a specific delivery phase as and when you require.  The outcome from our advice is highly customisable from an overall strategy proposal to a fully designed operating model ready for implementation.

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  • Paul Kelly

    Director of Strategic Advisory

What are the benefits?

  • Identifying and managing uncertainty early on 
  • Improved confidence in making informed investment decisions
  • Clarity in interfaces and challenges of delivery
  • Appreciating the impact, benefits and value that developments bring to social, economic and environmental concerns on a micro and macro scale
  • Confidence that you have the right governance, organisation and controls to steer any project to success.

Why Mace?

Refreshing the approach to strategic advice

Our aim for providing advice to clients is simple: make it pragmatic, relevant and founded on direct experience of having delivered in the pressured environments that our clients may find themselves. Working to standard models of management consultancy and programme management are necessary, but our vision is to ensure abstract concepts are translated into real solutions for clients.  We have a strong track record of delivering some of the most challenging projects and programmes worldwide. We reverse-engineer our prior successful experiences to advise clients how they can leverage practical innovation at the implementation level, rather than at a theoretical level.

Attracting the very best

We have successfully implemented programme and project management across a diverse range of sectors, in the UK and internationally. We strive to meet our clients’ values and aspirations, from increasing employment opportunities and skills provision to improved health and safety, sustainability and legacy transformation.

Our portfolio boasts some of most iconic buildings and influential projects in the world.  Through this we are not only able to attract the brightest minds to our consultancy business, we are able to develop them into seasoned professionals with hands-on experience of delivering on this scale.

Tailored products like no other

The diversity of programmes and projects delivered by Mace, means that we are not solely reliant on a single mode or model of delivery. Bringing a better perspective is at the heart of what we do, and defines the way in which we work with our clients, and how we work with them to establish, evaluate and enhance their business. From the outset of forming a relationship with our clients we devoting the necessary time to understand their perspective, ensuring at all stages that we are both clear on the challenges, outcomes and the capabilities from our business that will help us both achieve a successful conclusion. Working within your organisation, our experience means that we can talk the language of your teams, building trust, and ensuring that your team feel part of the solution we co-create.