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We are living in a fast developing world where secure operations is not just a requirement, it's a necessity. Whether it's an SME, a global organisation, a government body or even a city or major programme, secure operations bring steadfast business continuity. More and more organisations are turning their focus to the security of their assets, infrastructures and ultimately, their reputations.

Mace has a team of security cleared construction specialists who provide turnkey construction, engineering and fit out services, where the protection of assets and facilities is a priority.

What we offer

Mace's secure construction team delivers security solutions across all new build or refurbishment projects. The team also retrofit existing buildings with new or upgraded security infrastructure, through a joined up set of services on projects and programmes both large and small. We offer:

  • Construction New build, retrofitting requirements, refurbishment and enhancement - using both design and build, traditional and modern methods
  • Physical and technical security Counter-terrorism measures, protecting public spaces, access controls, vehicle and pedestrian protective systems, CCTV and server rooms
  • Professional services Design and build, blast consultancy, engineering, Cyber Systems Architecture (CSA) and cyber security
  • Technical due diligence Security sweeps; security resilience modelling and design, periodic technology maintenance and staff training and vetting.

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  • Richard Rogers

    Director, MSecure
  • Nick Abbey

    Framework Director, Public Sector - Construction

“Security has become an everyday term. What was once only the fear of the public sector, government institutions and agencies – cyber and digital threats have now become as much of a focus for businesses as physical security measures.”

Why mace?

How secure are your business assets?

Our team has the expertise to provide critical assessments across cyber and physical security, delivering bespoke security solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors. We have delivered complex construction projects to tight programmes, primarily in highly secured areas and locations, and often when buildings are still occupied and in use.

We advise on what’s required, where the security measures should be incorporated and how to introduce, install, operate and manage any technology and processes required to control or prevent threats and attacks.


Integrated security services

Our integrated service offer matches the security needs of today’s businesses, combining: cyber security modelling and design, physical security modelling and design, security infrastructure, construction and installation. Our critical analysis at the design stage of a project generates time and cost savings, identifying any vulnerabilities from a security perspective at the very beginning.

Secure contractors

Our secure construction team is skilled in the highly specialised delivery of sensitive buildings and facilities. Globally mobile, our security cleared construction personnel work for government across UK and international property portfolios. Applying traditional and modern methods of construction, we overcome the challenge of maximising security levels without compromising on design intent and accessibility.

Geographical reach

We complete work with uncompromised quality and safety, anywhere in the world. Based at our global headquarters in London, we have built up a strong global reputation having completed projects in over 25 countries, such as: Yemen; Pakistan; Mali; Egypt; Zimbabwe; Indonesia; Philippines; Israel; Thailand; Ethiopia and Nepal.