Scottish Enterprise Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme

Tackling targets of atmospheric proportions

Supporting Scottish Enterprise to develop and deliver innovative low carbon energy solutions.

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Scottish Enterprise Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme Project summary


Scottish Enterprise

Key partners

Synergie Environ, Ironside Farrar, QMPF, Pinsent Masons, Mabbett

Services provided

Project and programme management, Consult


Energy, Utilities


UK North, UK and Europe

Project timeline

Start date
August 2015

Project story

Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s main economic development agency, appointed us as the lead consultant for the low carbon infrastructure programme (LCIP) to identify and support the development of energy saving projects across the country.

In that role, we identified multiple project opportunities and worked with Scottish businesses and local authorities to develop innovative solutions that will reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.

Our remit enabled us to explore opportunities with airports, universities, industrial firms, manufacturing companies, business parks and ports - providing technical modelling around long-term sustainable solutions.

By using our expertise and experience in developing the feasibility of similar schemes and in project managing bespoke best practice energy infrastructure solutions, we helped Scottish Enterprise to take carbon reduction to new heights and create a legacy that will benefit businesses, the environment and the community for many years. 

project stats

42% reduction in carbon emissions - government target for 2020
80% reduction in carbon emissions - government target for 2050
200,000 tonnes of CO2 savings to be achieved